Emma learns about her new family history

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Master PC 2.9
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[Mistress] Emma heard Jean’s voice in her head, [I have been having very naughty thoughts about you mistress!]

Emma watched as Jean sauntered over in a much more girly manor than her somewhat tomboy appearance would suggest.  As Jean walked over she started unbuttoning her flannel shirt.  Emma caught sight of the white braided leather band around Jeans neck.  That made sense since Jean was clearly Emma’s submissive lover.  Then there was the bondage breast harness that held Jean’s bosom for Emma’s enjoyment.  That was when Emma noticed the other voices.  They were small, childish, distant like hidden away, and in Jean’s Belly?

“Goddess,” Jean said sitting on Emma’s lap, “Carrying your babies has got me so horny, and feeling so girly!  Oh, you better spend more time talking to our girls, I have heard your other girls talking to them and setting them up to me allies in their trouble making.”

As Jean sat on Emma’s lap the memories came back to Emma and it all made sense.  Emma had turned Jean into the chap-stick lesbian she was from the hyper femme lipstick lesbian so she wouldn’t compete with Emma’s beauty.  Playing with Jeans mind so that she would be her lesbian slave wife.  Convincing Jean to be her broodmare so that Emma would have more daughters and not risk her own divine goddess body.  Jean for her part was a natural puppet to Emma’s will.  Kitty and her first set of daughters had been the so happy at their mother’s wedding to Jean.  Of course Charlie hadn’t been happy at how Emma had enthralled his prize student, but he couldn’t deny the love and happiness that the couple had.  It made Emma happy to know that how much jealousy Logan felt towards her for being Jean’s loving Mistress.

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