The Best Laid Plans...

by Anarchy
Storyline The Flash: Big Time
Characters Flash Killer Frost
Category Growth
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“Thanks again for helping us out, Felicity,” Barry Allen said as he helped his friend/ally Dr. Caitlin Snow set up the last of the tesla coils.  “With Harry and Cisco investigating the report of that plant creature in Florida we were really short-handed.

Felicity Smoak glanced up from her computer and smiled at the man who was secretly The Flash, the fastest man alive. “No problem… I needed to get out of Starling for a while. Clear my head.”

Iris West leaned against the control panel, her arms crossed just under her bosom. “Boy problems?”

“What?” Felicity said. “No, of course not! No… no no no…”

“I think you protest too much,” Iris teased.

Felicity huffed and whispered. “Fine, if you must know… I dumped Oliver.”

“Oliver… as in Oliver Queen?” Caitlin asked, coming over to help with the final adjustments on the computer while Barry worked on getting everything set up. After Jay had been taken by Zoom back to Earth-2 the team had been working on a way to get back to the alternate earth and finally hit upon a lucky break; the discovering of a small breach, roughly the size of a dime. Their hope was that by reversing the charge on the White Dwarf Star fragment that Ray Palmer used to power his suit they could enlarge the breach and make it stable enough for them to get to Earth-2.

Iris was just as startled. “You dumped a millionaire?”

“Well, he wasn’t exactly a millionaire,” Felicity said. “You know, what with his money getting tied up… nevermind.” She waved her hand in front of her face. “The point is I got tired of all the lies and mistrust. I realized being with him was a mistake, just like being with Ray.”

Caitlin nodded. “Okay, we won’t judge… I know I’ve had crappy taste in men recently.” Iris smiled sadly at her new friend; the two of them had recently spent a night drinking together and come to the conclusion that their choices in men sucked and they’d latched onto what they thought was love but now could see wasn’t. For Caitlin she had built Ronnie up as perfect after his ‘death’, failing to remember all the hard times. And with Jay… well, Jay had been a replacement for what she really wanted. The same was true with Iris. Eddie had been sweet but he wasn’t what she needed and it was only her fear of speaking her mind that had kept her with him instead of going after what she wanted.

All three ladies watched as Barry wiped his brow before plugging in a few cables, each of them thinking the same thing: ‘Why can’t he notice me?’

Yes, all three ladies wanted Barry Allen but, thanks to their own insecurities about their looks, couldn’t speak up and just take matters (or certain parts of Barry) in hand. It was utterly foolish, of course. Caitlyn, while not built like a model, had begun working out recently and as a result had a trim, athletic body hidden under her baggy work shorts. Iris was always worried about her butt, fearing it was too big, never noticing all the lusty stares her thick and juicy booty garnered. As for Felicity, she spent so much time using the brain she’d gotten from her father that she never noticed the rocking body her mama had given her that made men drool.

In a word, all of them were damn sexy and for Barry Allen, who was use to seeing himself as little more than a nerd, they were goddesses that he thought he didn’t have a chance with.

“Alright, everything is in place!” Barry said as he bent over, the ladies admiring his ass before he zipped over to them. “I think we are ready to begin!”

Felicity nodded, typing in a few commands on her keyboard. “Okay, if we did this right then the dwarf star fragment should begin to charge up and expand the breach.”

The tesla coils began to hum and electricity crackled around them as the machine began to power up. Iris, the least scientific of the group, watched on nervously. “Are you sure this is safe?”

“Positive,” Caitlin said. “The energy from the dwarf star fragment is completely safe.”

“Well, for inorganic material,” Felicity said.

Barry looked down at her (and for a moment stared down her top before blushing when he realized she’d gone braless today). “What do you mean?”

“Well, when Ray began experimenting with the fragment he found that on organic material it could cause radical changes.”

“Like his shrinking, right?” Iris asked, having been clued in on The Atom earlier in the day.

“Right. But he also found that when the energy was reversed it could cause more radical changes.” Felicity typed in a few commands on her keyboard. “Not just causing a organic life to grow but also increase certain aspects of their psyche and biological needs.”

“Bio-what now?” Iris asked as the energy from the device began to really spark.

“It’s nothing,” Caitlin said dismissively. “According to his notes it would not only make a subject get bigger but also increase their emotional responses, their desires, biological urges… things like that. He also mentioned that in some cases the subject showed a dampening of basic restraints and morals. Nothing to worry about though; that’s why I had Felicity install the ion shielding.”

Felicity paused. “Uh… no, I didn’t install it. I thought you were going to install it.”

Caitlin looked at Felicity, lips pursed together. “No, I said YOU should do it!”

“Uh, guys?” Barry said nervously, watching as the fragment began to hover in the air.

"You did not!” Felicity complained. “I remember-“

“GUYS!” Barry shouted. Caitlin and Felicity looked up just in time to see Barry get struck by a stray bolt of energy.

“BARRY!” All three of them cried, standing up. This proved to be a mistake as at that moment three more bolts lashed out and struck each of the ladies. They fell backwards, knocked out cold like Barry, unable to protect themselves as the fragment doused all of them with energy.

After about ten minutes the fragment burnt up and the machine crumbled apart, the computer screens flashing warnings. The four, however, merely laid there, blissfully unconscious, unaware that their bodies were soaking in the radiation… and were begin to alter…

"Ow..." Felicity said when she finally woke up, pressing her hand to her stomach. Even though she'd just eaten she suddenly felt VERY hungry. "Everyone okay?"

"I think so," Iris moaned, sitting up and stretching. She rolled her shoulders and kicked off her slip-on shoes, which oddly felt too small.

Caitlin nodded as she cheeked herself over, trying hard not to notice how her nerves seemed to fire off with the briefest touch. "Yeah, I am too."

All three of them glanced over at Barry, who was the last to wake up. The blast had burned his shirt almost completely off his body; the ladies stared at his rock-hard abs and hard chest as he sat up. Each of them found themselves licking their lips as their eyes trailing over his body.

"Uh... are you girls okay?" Barry asked.



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