Focus on Gambit

by extreme1
Storyline X-Men: Aftermath
Characters Gambit Rogue X-Men
Category M/F Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter The Aftermath

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Remy LeBeau had barely opened his eyes when he realized he was chained to a metal table and completely nude.

Normally he wouldn't have been too concerned about such a situation.

But, after what had happened, he was sure this was very bad.

It was made even worse by the fact that there seemed to be no chances for him to get out of those chains.

While he struggled to get free, he was watched by a man and a group of women.

"Well, your end of the bargain has been fulfilled, so I happily fill my end by giving you Mr. LeBeau for any use you feel is necessary." Mister Sinister declared.

After a brief discussion, Lady Mastermind spoke up.

"I assume that you'll occasionally need him for more." She said.

"As agreed upon, I assure you that I will leave him unscarred physically." Sinister responded.

"That's fine with us." Frenzy said.

And with that Sinister disappeared, leaving the group of 6 behind.

Lady Mastermind, Frenzy, Polaris, Miss Sinister, Pixie and Madelyn Pryor looked at one another, before turning their attention to Gambit.

"So, are you sure this is actually gonna work?" Lady Mastermind asked.

"It had better, because me, Frenzy and Polaris sold our souls to get Remy." Pixie declared.

"Don't worry if there's one thing I know about Remy, it's that he can be led around by his dick." Frenzy  said with a smile.

"Now, let's get to work on him." She declared as she ushered them into the room where Gambit was trapped.

Soon he (and his powers) would belong to the Sisterhood.


Rogue was on her third day of barely any sleep.

Her dreams were now all about the Shadow King.

So she only slept when she absolutely had to.

Not that she was safe from him in the  real world.

He would deliver her meals and make sure to try to convince her to join him.

Despite the sleep deprivation, she wasn't budging on her refusal.

But it was still a struggle.

Rogue's eyelids drooped for a brief moment, until her mind managed to snap her back into being awake.

C'mon, gal, wake up. Rogue thought as she slapped her face a few times.

Unfortunately that tactic only a temporary fix and Rogue soon found sleep overtaking her...and yet another nightmare awaiting her.


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