The Aftermath

by extreme1
Storyline X-Men: Aftermath
Characters Rogue X-Men Gambit Emma Frost Psylocke Storm X-23 Wolverine
Category Corruption Mind Control Slavery
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The X-Men had been completely destroyed.
They had been attacked by villain after villain, and, soon enough, there were few of them and they were on the run.
Unfortunately, they were caught and soon they found themselves separated and auctioned off.
Each of the 7 X-Men would soon find themselves in bad situations.
Rogue's eyes shot open and she found herself in her room.
She breathed a sigh of relief, it was obvious that she had been dreaming.
She quickly rushed out of bed and began to wonder around the mansion.
But she sensed something was up.
Some things just seemed off.
After a bit of wonder, she found the Professor.
All her concerns went out the window as she ran to him and gave him a grateful hug.
"Ah just had the worst dream ever." She started.
"Well come and tell me about it." He responded.
They began to walk back to her room while Rogue told him everything.
"Rogue, I'm sorry you had to experience such a nightmare." He proclaimed.
Rogue walked into her room and stopped, she immediately noted the room had somehow just become much more sparse than before.
"But you're here with me now." He comforted, but the change in his voice was anything but comforting.
She looked back at him and saw that his eyes now seemed to glow red.
"Hello, Rogue...we have a lot of unfinished business to deal with." He said, Rogue immediately knew what he meant and, even worse, who was possessing her mentor.
"The Shadow King." She said, her eyes going wide with pure shock.
Xavier grinned as she immediately balled her fists and got ready to fight.
Suddenly Xavier's body rose out of his wheelchair and he muttered something under his breath.
Rogue ignored what she was sure was him taunting her, supressed the feeling of nasuea over the sight of her beloved professor being possesed by a monster and threw a punch right at his jaw...that painfully hit a force field.
The Shadow King laughed as Rogue pounded at the force field, trying to get to him.
Soon enough the illusion of the mansion fell away and Rogue found herself standing in the Danger Room.
"WHAT DID YOU DO?" She shouted as she continued her futile attack.
"Your nightmare is real and even worse than you can imagine." He answered.
"What do you mean 'worse than I could imagine?" Rogue said, she knew Shadow King wouldn't resist the chance to gloat.
"It means that you and your teammates, the ones that survived, had your powers suppressed and were sold off to various people." He said with a smile that sickened Rogue.
"Who also survived?" She asked.
"Storm, Psylocke, Emma Frost, X-23, Wolverine and Gambit." He said, despite the circumstances, Rogue was relieved to hear that Gambit had survived.
"So, who bought them?" Rogue needed to know the answer.
"I'd rather not tell you." He responded.
"But I will tell you this much: I heard that Gambit fetched a pretty price from someone on behalf of a group of young ladies." He said, trying to goad her into attacking him again, he was amused by her attempts at getting to him.
It took all of her will not to fall into that trap.
"To answer your next two questions: I took over Xavier's body in the ensuing anarchy and I destroyed every mental trace of him, meaning this body is now totally mine." Rogue refused to believe such a thing.
"And finally, I played a hefty sum for your because I want you as my Shadow Queen." He declared, Rogue rolled her eyes at him.
"So you're keeping me locked up until you've successfully convinced me to become your Shadow Queen. Ah'm amazed at how original you are." She mocked.
"But now there's no one to save you, I can wait for as long as possible for you to finally see the light." He said.
Rogue let out a huge laugh at his proclamation.
"Eventually someone's gonna get free, and when they do where is the first place you think they'll go?" Rogue confidently said.
"Underground, because they know people will be watching this place very closely." He responded, she hated to admit that he was probably right.
"And eventually, they'll wanna come home and when they do, there's gonna be hell to pay." She said, trying to sound as confident as possible.
"Believe whatever you want, Rogue, but I know that you can no longer run from the darkness that haunts you and that sooner, rather than later, you'll embrace that darkness and then you will be my queen." He said, as turned and walked all the way to the danger rooms doorway.
"In case you're wondering, there's a small corner that I've converted into a bathroom for you to relive yourself or take a bath and you'll still be fed three times a day." He said.
He then turned the force field off and quickly walked out, leaving Rogue to try and find a way out of this nightmare, before her worst fears were realized and she gave into the his temptation.

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