Polaris goes off to prove her lack of worth

by extreme1
Storyline The Corruptor
Characters Polaris Gambit Storm Jubilee Psylocke Nightcrawler
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter The Corruptor goes looking for some more fun

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Lorna was walking to the Professor's office when it hit her like a lightning strike: She could be involved with a group of younger mutants to inspire them not to be as big of a failure as she was.

That was it, she would make sure no one would ever mess up their lives as badly as she did.

She had a odd stride in her step as she realized that the Professor would probably try to save her from herself if he knew exactly what she was planning.

But he wouldn't have to worry, because she was a-ok being a sad little loser.

Granted, she'd have to lie to him and let him think that she wanted to mentor them.

But then she had an even better idea: She needed another adult for this!

She need someone who was a real winner so she could show the kids what happens if you don't follow the examples set by Lorna Dane.

Her mind wondered as she tried to think of the perfect person, someone who the female students could look up to as a role model and the male students could spend their nights dreaming about.

Someone who could constantly remind them that Polaris was a worthless loser who had no value to anyone.

By the time she reached her destination, her mind settled on the perfect adult for the job: Psylocke.

Betsy Braddock was everything she wasn't: smart, athletic, powerful and a walking wet dream.

With Betsy's help, she would save those kids from ending up like her.

Lorna stepped into The Professor's office and made her big pitch.


Remy was, by far, the luckiest man on Earth.

He was currently fucking a goddess in the form of Ororo Munroe.

They had been attracted to one another for years, but things (mainly Rogue) got in the way.

Thanks to The Corruptor, that wasn't a concern anymore.

"Oh god, Chere, you're amazing." He declared as they fucked.

Storm's response was to slap him in the fact as hard as she possibly could.

"I AM YOUR GODDESS, REMY, NEVER FORGET THAT!." She said, in between moans of ecstasy.

"Sorry, Goddess." Remy somewhat sheepishly responded.

No point in enraging her and losing the chance at fucking her again.

"Just don't do it again." She snapped.

She would have to train him quite a bit after this encounter.

He could have all the fun he wanted with those lesser women, but she was a Goddess and, by the time she was done, he would never forget that.


It was The Corruptor's lucky day!

He'd been walking along, telepathically listening in on Lorna's sad little conversation with Charles when he stumbled on a gold mine.

Not only did he find Jubilee, he also found Psylocke and Nightcrawler.

He quickly settled on making Jubilee (who by the looks of things had finally filled out as much as the other mutant women) the type of woman he'd have a lot of fun with.

And Psylocke, well maybe it was time to make her the person Lorna wanted her to be: a beauty who had no time for losers or freaks (especially the physical kind), heck just for fun maybe it was time to use that little attraction to Cypher she had back in the day and give her an attraction to students in general.

Something that she could really rub in Lorna's face.

As for Nightcrawler...Storm would soon have him by her side as a slave that would do whatever she wanted.

Unless, of course, Betsy actually decided to purge the freaks from the X-Men and started with him.

The Corruptor was fine with either one.

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