The Corruptor tries to corrupt Jubilee, Psylocke and Nightcrawler

by extreme1
Storyline The Corruptor
Characters Nightcrawler Psylocke Jubilee Gambit Storm Polaris
Category Corruption M/F
Previous Chapter Polaris goes off to prove her lack of worth

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Immediately the trio was suspicious of him.

"I mean you no harm." He cautiously said.

Thanks to his powers, they seemed compelled to listen to him.

"I just want to talk to each of you about your...current situations." He said.

Immediately Nightcrawler got between him and the pair of women.

Buddy, you might have just saved your own life. The Corruptor thought.

"You know, Kurt, you've been a bad boy lately." The Corruptor began.

"Vhat are you talking about?" Nightcrawler asked.

"You haven't been properly worshiping Storm, she is, after all, a goddess." Came the response.

Kurt was compliantly confused by the fact that his words made perfect sense.

Ororo was the absolute epitome of a goddess on this Earth.

Kind, loyal and all powerful, she was truly everything he worshiped.

For the most part, Psylocke and Jubilee were surprised at how serious Kurt was taking his nonsense and even more surprised by how right he sounded.

"But she..." Was all Kurt could say he wanted to finish it with "Is not a goddess." But he knew that was a lie.

"She's in her room Kurt, go and worship her like she deserves." The Corruptor encouraged.

"I HAVE TO GO." Kurt franticly screamed as he disappeared in a puff, leaving the trademark smell of brimstone behind.

Now it was time for The Corruptor to work on Psylocke.


Storm had just kicked Remy out of her room (although she told him that he'd done well enough to warrant more chances to please her in the future), when Nightcrawler bamfed in.

"Mein Goddess, Please forgive me." He proclaimed as he knelt before his goddess, who was clad only in a thin sheet.

Ororo grinned, soon she'd have the whole school worshiping her.


"Tell me, Betsy, do you hate freaks?" He asked her.

Betsy Immediately seemed offended by that question.

"I have no idea what you mean by freaks." She responded, although she had a pretty good idea what he meant.

"You know, lesser's, people like Nightcrawler and Beast, genetic freaks of nature who ruin being a mutant for people as perfect as yourself." He said.

Betsy slowly raised her katana, a warning about what might happened if he continued this line of thinking.

But the Corruptor was undaunted.

"You know you're better then them, you know that people like you, and Storm, and Gambit and Angel, you represent perfection in a way that they could never dream of, and yet you allow the Morlocks of the world to bring mutants down." He continued.

"Those worms!" Psylocke suddenly exclaimed, much to Jubilee's surprise.

"Betsy!" A shocked Jubilee said, as she tried to move between the Corruptor and Psylocke.

"Right now, Polaris is on her way to talk to the Professor about getting a team of students, despite the fact that she's one of the more pathetic creatures in this place, she...she might even try to sleep with the most beautiful students, they'll never learn their real place in this world if she gets her hooks into to them." He declared.

"I've got to save the most perfect students from thinking they should be anything like her." She said as she turned and took off for the Professor's office, giving the Corruptor the chance to stare at her incredible ass as she ran as fast as she could.

That left The Corruptor all alone with Jubilee.


Remy was ready for more.

Storm had been an amazing fuck, truly worth her title of 'Goddess' but he still wanted more.

He was pretty damn sure wondering the halls would quickly net him his next fuck.

He just had to find her, whoever she was.


Polaris had stammered and stumbled her way through her meeting with Xavier, but Psylocke's appearance was the exact save she was looking for.

Betsy calmly walked in, refusing to so much as look in Polaris' direction.

"Can I help you, Betsy?" The Professor asked.

"Polaris told me about her idea earlier, and I think it would be perfect if I ran this group with Polaris' help." She said.

As soon as those words left her mouth, Polaris began happily nodding and agreeing that Psylocke was 100 percent right.

The Professor was skeptical, mainly because something seemed off about both women.

After meeting with them, he decided to agree to their plan, but he'd have to keep a very close eye on them.


"So, Jubilee, you've clearly seen what I can do." The Corruptor began, turning to face her...only to be met with a blast of fireworks from her hands.

"GOD DAMMIT." He shouted as he collapsed to a knee.

"Stay away from me." She said as she readied herself to fight him.

"Gotta love a fighter." He said, gaining his composure as he stood back up.

This was gonna be even more fun than he'd thought.

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