Power Girl officially joins the Pink Lanterns

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
Characters Ice Fire Power Girl Supergirl
Category Corruption Bimboization Change of clothes
Previous Chapter They split up and try and transform two of the other three superheroines

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As the ring was slid onto Karen's finger, her transformation into a Pink Lantern had begun! Her leotard, split into two parts. The bottom becoming a hot pink pair of short shorts, leaving her beautiful legs completely exposed, though for her that was normal. The top completely dissolved, leaving her boobs on full display along with the entirety of her upper body, with the only thing remaining being her cape, which also remained as the only part of her costume recognizable. Her gloves turned into elbow-length pink skin-tight gloves. Her boots turned into a pair of high heel pumps. In her short, blonde hair, a pink streak appeared running down the front, to the left.

"I...wow....I feel....increadible!" Karen said, having had become just as dimwitted as the alternate her standing before her. If one didn't know better, they would have easily been confused for a mother and daughter hooker duo.
"Oooohhhh You, like, look soooooo cute!" Supergirl said, as she jumped and clapped, her ass and boobs bouncing as she leapt into the air like the giddy schoolgirl slut she had turned into.
"Mmmh.. never have I felt so ready to go *giggle*." said the newly transformed Power Girl. While her intellect was near identical to Supergirl's now reduced IQ, she didn't use the word like in every sentance like her dimensional counterpart did. maybe it was her older age, or slightly rougher personality, but that was pretty much the only way to tell them apart aside from their appearance.
"Like, Ice should be near done bringing another to the light. I, like, can't wait!" Supergirl giggled. "Let's like, wait for her at....the.....at the....whatever that place with the multiple paths is called!"
"Can we fuck while we wait?" Karen said, a burning passion in her eyes, wanting to fuck alternate self.
"Like, totally!" Supergirl said. The two then flew off to the branching paths of the cave.
"Tora! Tora! Come in" Batman said over the communicator. "Are you there?"
Ice was walking though the cave, trying to find her best friend Fire, to turn her into a fellow Pink Lantern. Touching the device in her ear, she spoke. "Yees. I'm heer" she said in her thick Norwegian accent.
"It seems the caves are scrambling communications. I'm lucky I got through to you. How's the mission going."
"Ees, going well. We have explored most of de cave. Should not be mooch longur unteel we find them."
"Good. Make sure the others are fine." said Batman.
"Oh, don't wurry. Ey weell." Ice said hanging up. "But not een da way yoo expect. I know a much better way."
Noticing the familiar green glow of Beatriz' flames, Tora again, removed her ring, reverting to her usual outfit. Having taken the largest ring, she had become almost like a goddess to the Pink Lanterns. The special ring, more powerful than the others, instead of lowering her intellect, ahd surprisingly enhanced it, just as much as it did her lust. She wondered what other abilities, it provided her, but that would hae to wait.
"Hm. I know that accent anywhere." Fire said with a sly grin. Turning around she saw Tora walking tword her. "Did you find anyone?"
"Ey deed not find dem en the way I took." Tora said, her Norwegin accent thick as ever. "But I did find this...." Ice reached into the small bag. "Look at dis." she said, pulling out a Pink Lantern ring. Tora grinned, as she looked at Beatriz's face, noticing the effects of the light beginning to take hold on the Brazilian babe.

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