(Heroes)Now off to see Doctor Isley

by C.King
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
Characters Harley Quinn Poison Ivy
Category Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter (Heros) First stop Stark Mansion

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 The foursome of holiday figures decided to finish the job which Eros had tried at Valentines day. The Gotham Sirens. Due to the use of mind control elements, the bonding didn't take. With only Black Cat staying with Spider-man due to their past love being enhanced due to their experiences. But all three of them had a little present from the encounter, in the form of a child.

 Which made Mother Day want to fix things since she didn't want a child to not know a loving father if they had a chance. So she said, "Let me take the lead, friends. I have an idea."

 The answer came from Father Day, "Sure, love. What do you have planned?"

 She smiled as she said, "What gift given at our holidays would be best suited for Miss Quinn and Miss Ivy?"

In the Greenhouse lair...

 Ivy and Harley were trying to deal with their situation. It had been a few months from that crazy Valentines Day, enough time for them to notice they aftermath. They as well as Felicia were pregnant. Which was suprising to Ivy as she felt she had been barren due to her bio-chemistry. Which was why she was being as careful as possible, since this might be her once chance at motherhood.

 "Who would have thought all of those bad girls would be hooking up with heroes. Heck B.A.D. girls hooked up with Cap'n A. Think that's what happened to us?" asked the clown girl, as she was being just as careful with her usual love of children wanting to protect her own.

 "Likely, but none of the heroes seem to have started it. Wonder what it could have been?" she wondered, as she felt something from the Green. The growth of plants, which she didn't cause. She wonder if it was the Green sending her a message.

 "What's happening, Red? Growning some new flowers for spring?"

 "Not sure. I think it's a mesage." said the plant villainess as she noticed a large group of flowers pop up. Pink, mauve and red solid colour carnations. She as well as Harley smelled them. The scent was more delightful then normal, more intoxicating. She used her power to bring some of the flowers up into a bouquet of flowers for her and Harley, while keeping most of the flowers alive.

 "Thanks Red. Mmmmm.... I would love for my kid to smell these, while they played with their brothers or sisters. With their moms and dad."

 Ivy thought on the idea of a family, with Spider-man and her fellow Sirens. She continued, "Maybe we should show Felicia and Spider-man these flowers."

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Whoops, that should have been Jimmy, not Jilly! :D
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