The Terrigen Mists arrive

by Master_Kind
Storyline X-Men Vs Inhumans Done Right
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When the Terrigen Mists covered the Earth, many lives were changed. A teen in New Jersey found herself the new Ms. Marvel. The Inhuman family saw their numbers swell. Avengers watched warily . . . but nobody's lives changed more than those of the X-Men.

As they became exposed to the Mists, mutants grew stronger, healthier, more powerful and their libidos quadrupled. Multiple Man grew a foot in height, muscles rippling and thick five o'clock shadow covering his features as he tore through the simple t-shirt and slacks he usually wore, a manly musk rippling from his duplicates that made women nearby dizzy with lust. In less than five days, he'd managed to get at least 300 women in Brooklyn pregnant, including the much bustier Siren and M.

Nobody was happier about this, however, than Emma Frost and Scott Summers. Much like all other mutants, they'd found their already attractive bodies enhanced and libidos skyrocketing. The two estranged lovers had barely left the bedroom in the days following their exposure to the Terrigen Mists, reunited without even a word exchanged . . . although their dynamic had changed a bit.

"You like that, don't you, slut? You love my big cock inside you." rumbled Scott in a deeper voice as he pounded Emma's soaked pussy from behind, making her enhanced bust jiggle like mad with each powerful thrust, smacking her full ass to punctuate his sentences.

"Oh, fuck! Aah! Fuck me Scott, fuck me, never stop fucking me!" she babbled breathily, squealing in delight at the sensation of his thick cock ramming deeper and deeper into her slick pussy and the hard slaps against her ass, showing her just how strong her master had gotten. Her man, she thought? Or was it master?  She pinched her pink hard nipples and gasped, thinking of them getting bigger and full of milk to feed the children being fucked into her. Scott grabbed her longer blonde hair like a leash and yanked hard, making her scream in delight and shock.

"You're mine. You're my fucking slut. All MINE." he growled. "SAY IT!"

She came harder than she thought possible at the sensations, squealing and screaming.

"I'm YOURS! I'm your fucking slut, Master! Aah! Fucking slut, I'm your fucking slut! Yes, oh, God! Yours! Yooouuurs! YOURS!"

Her needy pussy contracted hard around Scott's massive new cock as she came, triggering the man's orgasm himself, shooting rope after rope of his cum deep inside of her hungry cunt, making him let out a satisfied groan of release.

Neither of them knew that this was only the beginning of a sexual dynasty they could only imagine.

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