Karen is seeing Harley in a whole new light

by supersizeme198
Storyline 24 Hour Challange
Previous Chapter (Harley) Karen begins her training as a Quinn

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Gotham City

“I think we should hit them with a ray that turns them into babies and raise them.” Harley W.1 said

“Do you know how much dippers cost? What we should do is hit them with gas that makes them insatiably horny” Harley W.2 said confidently at her twin clone.

The argument between the two had been going on since they left the apartment. When they found their targets on patrol, but had been going back and forth over what they should do to them. They had finished up and were about to go to a movie.

When the doors closed behind two heroes they realised that they had wasted so much time that the others were already ahead of them. Looking at the title of the movie the two smiled and gave each other a hug.

“I know what we’re going to do tonight”

Operating Theatre

The screen shifted as the perspective changed, the viewer looked up at the woman holding the leash a part of her was surprised it was Harley but she just couldn’t get over how sexy she looked in latex.

“Remember, good girls get rewards when they behave” The Harley on the screen stated as she patted her on the head.

Before she could answer she felt a slight pinch as her moral compose, sense of decency and her imaginary boyfriend she had was ripped out of her skull. Which were quickly replaced by a Black Belt in BDSM, a large red and black whoopy cushion, sense of humour, and a picture of Harley Quinn with the heading Sexual Ideal.

The sudden rush of euphoria almost made Karen black out, she could smell her mistress boots inches from her face. She tried to push her physical self, closer to the screen in hopes she could reach through and cores her. The struggle only caused the jacket to dig into her flesh that only served to excite her further.

“Now for the secret ingredient” Harley said triumphantly as she reaches into her own head and pull out a salt shaker. “Finally, a gentle dash of crazy”

Karen was so busy enraptured by the screen she didn’t even notice her scalp being reattached. The sexual goddess on the screen in front of her was all that mattered, she just wanted to lick her boots clean all night. She wanted to be ridden hard and put away wet. She needed her to love her and never let her go.

“I think she’s just about done” Harley said taking a rubber stamp reading, Harley Seal of Approval”. “Time for you to start your new job as a trainer. Are you sure there’s nothing else you want to do?”

“Please Mistress, give this worth less slut purpose.” Karen begged the tears flowing from her eyes. “I just want to make you happy”

Harley smiled at the quivering mess of sexual tension in front of her that used to be a noble her. Driving the stamp down hard of her forehead the room was filled with a rainbow of swirling light and joys laughter.

Unknown Part of Bubble world

Cassandra opened her eyes slowly as she regained her bearings. When the movie started, she felt herself blackout. She awoke in some form of underground arena in full costume. Several feet away from her she saw Stephanie in her Spoiler gear. Looking around the arena she realised they were not alone, there was Hawkfire, Blue Bird, Nobody and even several female Robin Gang members. She counted 25 in total.

“Welcome Chosen.” A booming voice said over the PA. Every turned to the source in the sky boxes. “Today you shall compete for your very way of life in the glorious HARLEY GAMESTM . The winner shall receive a fabulous price, and the losers well they will find out when it happens.”


“You know I think we might have an uneven number of players” HW.1 said into her ear piece, resisting the urge to squash her right then and there.

“I got this” HW.2 responded.

Suddenly a black mass of sludge enveloped the girl. Before anyone could do anything, walls shoot out of the ground separating them all. A large screen appeared in the air showing a bird’s eye view of the arena that now had been converted into a maze.

“The only way to win is to get to the centre of the arena. You are allowed to use any method you see fit as long as you don’t damage the maze. You can’t go over or under the walls, if you get caught in a trap you are disqualified, any violation of the rules will result in disqualification. If you are disqualified this will happen” The screen suddenly changed back to the black sludge. A fist burst out of the now hardened sludge and a black and white latex Harley Quinn stepped out.

“I am Harley’s Champion I shall eliminate my opponents and claim the price for my Mistress” The former Robin raised her fist into the air declaring her ultimatum.

“Good Luck girls” HW.1 said before pressing a button and a Clacson horn going off. “You’re going to need it.

Sex training 101

Jean didn’t know if someone had slipped something in her drink or this was one of those hidden camera things. All she knew was she wanted to get back to reality. After a full examination by a Clown Nurse she had been stuck in a classroom, she struggled against her binds until all the seats had been filled.

Everyone was panicking to some degree until the bell rang. She could have sworn the woman was Power Girl in a clown version of her costume. Red and Black boots and leotard with gloves looked strange on her, but the boob window was diamond shaped. Even her hair matched the colours the only thing that didn’t was the cape which was purple.

Sauntering over to her desk she put down a bag and a Harley Teddy with a banner reading “CONGRADULATIONS”.

“Hello class I’m your teacher Power Quinn.” Kara said with a warm smile as she wrote her name on the board, and the class title. “I’m here to start you on your new and fulfilling lives as a Harley Girl. Our first lesson” She said reaching into her bag and producing a large black double ended dildo.

“Is it better to give, or to receive?” Kara said licking her lips to see who’s answer she world have to correct, with a demonstration.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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