(24 BC) Pinkie and the Red/Gold go after Pepper and Tony.

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline 24 Hour Challange
Characters Black Cat Pepper Potts
Category Female Dom Emotion Alteration latex
Previous Chapter (BC 24) Emma Frost tells Felicia to [bleep] off

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Pepper Potts sat at her desk, Tony was in the other room playing with something that would surely blow up half the building if he screwed up, and she was busy preparing the Quarterly earnings statements of the shareholder meeting tomorrow, ugh, latter today.

She was surprised that she heard the clicking of heals in the hallway, especially since the hallway had thick carpeting.  She looked at her office door and arched an eyebrow.  There was a knock.

“Come in?” Pepper said after she had gotten the blaster glove in her drawer on.

Pepper recognized Felicia Harding as she walked through the door carrying a briefcase.  She was in a tight black skirt suit with a tight knee skirt and black heeled boots, around her suit was white trim at the hems, collar, and cuffs as well as a pink flower on her lapel.  Pepper also noted the streak of pink in her otherwise perfect platinum blonde hair.

“What the hell?” Pepper said, “What do you want? Is it Felicia or Cat these days?”

“I’m sure you have other names for me,” the Pink streaked Felicia smiled, “I have an offer.  Now don’t go yelling for Tony just hear me out.  We both know you are the real brains of this company, sure Tony invents things in his sleep, but without you he would be sleeping in a cardboard box.”

Pepper leaned back in her chair keeping her armored gloved hand on her lap out of sight.  She had to agree with what the pain in the rear was saying.  She was what kept the company running, so much so that Tony was in the process of making her CEO so he could go full time with his Avengers and Iron activities.

“So are we talking holograms or ghost technologies?” Pepper responded.

“It incorporates phase shifting technologies,” Felicia answered.

“Short list of people with that power,” Pepper stared at Felicia.

‘God, is she even sexier than before?’ Pepper was shocked at herself for thinking that.

“I know, Kitty and Morley or whatever he calls himself these days,” Felicia smiled, “That is part of it.  Like my suit?  I made it myself, I made one for you too, Rescue.”

Felicia was touching the chest of her blazer and it seemed to change into a shiny PVC material and shrunk around her to be form fitted to show off her D-cup tits.  Felicia put the briefcase on Pepper’s desk and pulled out a black foam rubber chest piece.  She held it for Pepper to take.

“I come baring gifts,” Felicia said, “You can let go of the blaster away.”

Pepper tapped the wrist of the glove, releasing it and left it on her lap.  She reached across her desk and grabbed the chest piece, it surprised her at how heavy it was.  Felicia never had super strength, yet she held it like it was a sheet of paper not the thirty plus pounds that it was.

“Put it on,” Felicia egged Pepper on.

“You made this?” Pepper examined it.

“I put it together,” Felicia said, “Of course it features other people’s work… Oh come on, like Steve Jobs invented and made everything in an Iphone.”

“Apple leased the patents they used,” Pepper countered.

“Not according to the lawsuits,” Felicia smiled, “Try it.”

Pepper held the chest piece to herself.  For a second nothing happened, then Felicia snapped her fingers and foam rubber came alive.  It dug under her cloths and enveloped her body like it was one of the spider symbionts.

“I mixed together nano-tech, biotech and a few other things to make these,” Felicia smiled as Pepper was cocooned, “Yes the symbionts are in there, but stem-cell versions, no intelligence of its own.”

Felicia went to get a mirror.  When it seemed the cocoon was going to kill Pepper, the cocoon retreated and reformed into a board room power suit.  Pepper got up and walked over to mirror Felicia was standing next to, she looked at herself; red fitted blazer, silver collared blouse, red skinny tie, silver and red gloves, red fitted pencil knee skirt, red kitten heeled knee boots and silver stockings.  Felicia smiled and snapped her fingers.  The outfit changed again, the tie became a red rubber chocker with silver studs, the suit a silver rubber catsuit with red leather crotch boots, arm enveloping gloves and corset around her waist shrinking it.

“Imagine how much more of Tony’s time you could command in that,” Felicia smiled seductively.

An image of her towering over Tony in a rubber catsuit made to look like Iron Man came into her head… Then the image changed to her looking up at a catsuited Mistress Black Cat and the outfit on her changed in response, the boots shrunk to knee height and the front of her foot became a paw, the catsuit became translucent and a hole opened releasing her tits, the gloves returned to her elbow and her hands were now in mittens with paw pads on the palm, the chocker became a cat’s collar with a heart shaped name tag.

“You are a pretty little kitty,” Felicia snickered, “Do you want me to command your time?”

Pepper was filled with lust and didn’t resist Felicia’s approach to kiss her, in fact she kissed Felicia.

“And the two best parts of the suit?” Felicia started, “It has all of your ‘Rescue Armor,’ capabilities built into it along with extras like War Machine, Ghost and others…”

The suit became a silver skin suit with hard red armor plates form fitted to her body just like Rescue suit only leaner and more form fitting, sexier really.

“And the other?” Pepper asked, and the suit spoke in a sexy mechanical lady’s voice.

“It can keep you entertained when you are lonely,” Felicia whispered.

Suddenly Pepper fell over, inside the suit, the suit was massaging and playing with her boobs, gave the sensation of a tongue licking her clit, sent vibrating dildos into her pussy and anus.  She reveled in the feeling, and the suit seemed to respond to her, even to the point of giving her the sensation of kissing under her left ear.

“Oh god,” Pepper moaned, “What is your deal?”

Felicia snapped her fingers and the suit changed back to a pair of red leather knee pants, a silver latex teddy, a red leather tank top, and sneakers.  Pepper moaned as the stimulation stopped.

“Here is the deal, you keep the suit along with any other upgrades I offer and in return you agree to work for me, you run Stark Industries for me, you work as Rescue for me, you go out at night as Cyber-cat for me, you come to my bed when I call.”

Felicia could tell the primarily submissive lipstick lesbian sexuality was already hard at work inside Pepper and the pretty red head was having sexual fantasies about the blonde in front of her.

“What about Tony?” Pepper asked.

“In public and on paper you work for him as the CEO of Stark Enterprises, you continue to appear in public with him like you two are in a relationship,” Felicia could see Pepper grossed out at that, “but you both will be working for me, agreed?”

Felicia would need to dial back the lesbianism a bit and put more bi-sexuality into Pepper if she was going to be amiable to Felicia’s harem.

“What will we do about accusations of embezzling?” The corporate mind of Pepper Potts turned back on and went into high gear.

“We are not embezzling,” Felicia said, “I am becoming a silent partner for your company.  In fact, in the afternoon you will find that a number of your less well liked major shareholder have sold me their shares.”

“OK,” Pepper agreed, “I’m your bitch… now take me back to heaven!”

Felicia snapped her fingers and the outfit enveloped Pepper again reforming into a black skin suit with black soft formed armor plates over her body.  Her entire identify was obscured and her mind blanked as the suit began to pleasure her into unthinking orgasmic bliss.  Felicia looked down at the writhing black metallic neko form on the floor.  Prime would be so pleased with Pinky’s accomplishments.


Tony was effectively brain dead right now, he was lost in mindless pumping, into this rubber sex goddess riding him and the suit’s mirroring of his thrusts into the latex love goddess by the dildo in his ass.


As Natasha Romanov slept the black shadow stayed invisible and intangible, it watched and guided her dreams and was pleased to see the positive feedback as Natasha fingered herself in her sleep.Natasha dreamed of the pleasure of being a lover and companion and the desire of being alone.  As the dreams played out, her mind exaggerated the pleasure as it recounted being Peter Parkers lover Ms. Readman.  Her dreams also brought up lustful feelings towards Spiderman’s catnip, The Black Cat and her alter ego, Felicia Harding.  The lust was reinforced by the memories of pleasure at having girlfriends, lesbian threesomes and even full on ladies only orgies.  Increasingly the idea of being a kept woman, a submissive and subservient love slave seemed better and better as the dreams played out.


The invisible and intangible figure appeared to each of the corrupt shareholders in the dark of the night.  Only becoming tangible enough to wake the resident and hold up the computer with the finger print reader for the transaction.  Each read the terms and agreed to five times the going price, Fisk didn’t ask why Hydra wanted his shares in Stark just as Hammer didn’t ask why Fisk wanted more shares, and Osborne didn’t care why Hammer wanted his shares either they were all happy to take each other’s money…  And when their ghostly curriers left none of them cared they sold their shares, and none of them would ask who actually bought their shares and none of them would admit that someone had stolen their money to buy from the others either…

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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