(24 BC)Original Gangster Felicia and Red/Blue Streak Felicia go after the Parkers.

by C.King
Storyline 24 Hour Challange
Characters Black Cat Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter (24 BC) Pinkie and the Red/Gold go after Pepper and Tony.

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 The orginal Black Cat, with her red/blue streaked assistant were stalking their most important goal. Peter Parker, aka Spider-man. The diamond she had thrown away, and now wanted back after seeing it's worth. As well as the woman who found it and kept it, Very Plain Watson. A plan had come to Felicia on how to make him her, a very simple plan. She needed Red/Blue to convert or at least keep V.P. busy while this happened though. Which was why they wait for a time to separate them. A snap of the fingers, and the Watson woman was else where. Felicia prepared.


 Red/Blue Felicia appeared before the Watson woman tied up to the chair, who woke up asking, "What... Felicia what are you doing?"

 "Thanks to a little gift, I have the power to warp reality. Now I am getting what is mine." was the answer.

 "Peter? He won't want anything to do with the psycho who kidnapped his wife!" was the fiery answer from the woman with fiery hair.

 "Unless I can convince him to freely give himself to me without commanding him, at which case, he's mine. And everyone, including you, will accept it. But being a merciful goddess, I am willing to make a place for you in our lives. As my maid."

 "Never going to happen. There's no way you can change either me or Peter."

 "There are ways to convince you to say yes. And as long as you say yes when you can say no, it is freely given and you are mine. But let's test your suggestion. I am going to cause you to feel the most intense pleasure ever. Pleasure so good it's painful. But you will not pass out or suffer any harm. Only continuious on the edge of orgasm permanently pleasure.

 I will also enhance your perceptions so for every second of real time, it will feel for you for a year of being in that state. If you can say no till my power run out, you will be free to go. If you give in and say yes, you're mine. Beginning now!"

 Red/Blue Felicia could feel Watson's sudden jolt of pleasure as the orgasmic wave washed over her. The perceptioned altered so it was feeling like a year a second. So she waited to see how long pleasure could break someone.

(OG Felicia)

 Felicia's plan was simple. Modify Peter's memories. Starting with changing her reactions to him when he removed his mask from a negative to a positive. To make it so she loved the man under the mask at the time, or so Peter remembered. The basically phase Very Plain from the memories to be replaced by a better option... with platinum hair. Soon his memory was overidden, just as she modified their location to show what a place the two of them would live in looked like.

 Modifying the mind, also indirectly altered his emotions, which was what she was hoping for. Technically, when Peter would answer her question, he would be given different knowledge and emotion but still could say no. Which is why, naked under the sheets with him in the apartment, she let him wake up.

 "How are you doing this morning, Kitty Cat?" he asked her, giving her a brilliant smile she had seen him give the redhead. Seen and wanted, and now had.

 "Wondering how lucky I am, Spider. To have gone through all of this trouble to have the man of my dreams. Body, mind and soul. You do belong to me, body mind and stone, right Spider?" she asked, feeling her power react to this as question which could make him hers.

 "Of course, Felicia. I wouldn't have married you otherwise." he said, not knowing as she did that he now belonged to her. Any changes he made to him when the powers ended would be permanent.

 As she felt Peter name in her head appear on the list of people under her power, currently only him and Pepper. she answered, "Of course. I have a feeling when I look at you, I hit the Jackpot, Spider. So how about a little under the sheets fun?"

 The kissing and what followed was just the icing on the cakes, she shared with her duplicates... but with their powers they could feel it and still continue their missions. Like...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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