Batman tries to focus

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
Characters Batgirl Supergirl Batman Alfred Pennyworth Green Lantern
Previous Chapter Hal tries to find information on the Pink Lanterns

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Hal and Batman land on a random building in Gotham

Batman squirms a bit as his suit feels like it has gotten much looser in some places while simultaneously getting tighter in others.
"Well... I suppose you should go to the Guardians and see if they know anything about the Pink Lanterns...  alternatively maybe check on Carol and see if the Star Sapphires are somehow involved." Batman responded 
"Makes sense... just from what you described it does sound like it could be a corruption of their shade of the spectrum" Hal mused "What are you going to do?"
Batman stares off into space idly wiggling his butt back and forth.
"Batman?" Hal responded.
"Sorry..." Batman said and cast his eyes down "uh... Iam gonna go back to the Batcave and see if I can pull up any information from any databases the bat-computer is tied into."
"Alright, do you need a ride?" The Guardian of the Green light states... Batman once again fails to respond as his down turned eyes has since focused on Hal's crotch.
"I'll take that as a no then..." Hal says and takes off.
Meanwhile the doorbell at Wayne Manor rings.
The door opens. "May I help you?" 
"ALFIE!" Barbara squeals out and gives the butler a large hug. 
"Ms. Gordon?" The steward says confused.
"Yeah, Alfie my bestie Supergirl found some Kryptonian device that healed my spine isn't that great?" Batgirl said.
"Uh." Alfred began to say but was cut off before he could by Supergirl who also hugged him.
"Yah Isn't that like super cool Alfie!" SG squeed.
"Is Bruce around?" Barbara asked.
"Uh no, Bruce is out on business at teh moment."
"Oh poo... I was hoping I could tell him now too... can you like keep it a secret so Ican tell him myself?" The Smart "Bimbo" asked.
"Of course" Butler responds as the two beautiful girls lay their heads on his shoulders.
"I'm gonna go head downstairs if you don't mind... you can keep Kara company." Barbara says smiling bright as she heads to the batcave
"So Alfie... wanna like um... do somethin'" Kara said while twirling one of her twintails with her ring hand.
"Huh" Alfred says as the pink light catches his eye
"Ican think of something.... daddy." Kara smiles and rubs her unringed hand against his crotch.
Barbara walked down into the empty batcave.
"Well I suppose first things first." Barbara says as she went over the bat-computer.
After a few minutes of quick keystrokes Barbara has made herself the sole admin account, so anyone that tried to access or query it she would know... and they'd only get the information that Barbie wanted them to have... and perhaps something extra hidden to help her plans.
"Perfect." Barbie smiled.... "Next I think Brucey needs a reminder of what he is now." 
Barbie started typing again making alterations to Batman's profile. Fire had a contacted the pink lantern super besties on the way letting them know Batman got away from her. Barbara fully expected Bruce to find his way back to the cave shortly... but luckily for her the former Batgirl was a quick worker.
In fact, with a final keystroke she smiled at her work.... first on the center screen was a white background with a glowing pink border...with the Pink Lantern symbol in the center.
The Right screen was a simple collage made up of security footage of Fire and Batman on the Watchtower with a script that says "My First Time."  With the dots on the i replaced with hearts. 
Finally The left screen of the desktop where Batman usually had his archive of criminal activities and profiles. Was replaced by a picture of Barbara blowing a kiss at the screen next to a picture of Fire stroking her femme-cock. Underneath was a pink box labelled as "Brucey's favorites" and a bunch of links to fetish shops, femme-domme porn and other things a sissy slut would need. 
"I can't wait till he stumbles upon this." Barbara giggled. "Now then... what else can I do to fix this place up."

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