Power Girl and Vixen on the hunt

by Anzaleth
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
Previous Chapter Batman tries to focus

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"This looks like a good spot," Power Girl said.
"Cock? Lots of cock? Vixen need mate."
"Don't worry. Plenty of love butter for little ol' you."
"Not want butter! Want cum!"
Power Girl chuckled. "Sure thing, Vixy."
* * *
Kara giggled as she sent a pink glow around Alfred cock. If Brucie was going to be all sissified, then it made sense for someone else at the mansion to become more of a real man.
Alfred moaned as his cock started to grow in size.
"Ooooo, Daddy, it's so big," Kara cooed. "Is it, like, all for me?"
Alfred moaned again as she showered it with dainty kisses.
* * *
"Okay, time to change his stuff around," Barbara said. "Any of the mean ol' weapons an' stuff should be locked away from Brucie, so he doesn't hurt himself with them."
She giggled, making some changes to the vault.
"But I'll give him lots of fun costumes an' toys to play with."
There was a whole section on disguises here, including some lady ones for Batgirl and other female associates. The right alterations would turn this into quite the useful wardrobe. Then she could use the ring to modify some of the bat-toys....
* * *

"Hello, boys," Power Girl stood with her hands on her hips. "You looking for fun?"

"Vixen need cock! Fuck Vixen!"

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