Jake turns Wonder Woman into an air-headed bimbo

by kyletarte
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
Characters Wonder Woman
Category Humiliation Bimboization Mind Control Transformation
Previous Chapter He decides a little role reversal might make him more money

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"So tell me Wonder Woman, is it true that when you are bound with the golden lasso that you must obey whomever is binding you?"  Wonder Woman bowed her head and meekly said "Yes."  "And can that person make permanent changes to you?" Wonder Woman once again answered "Yes, as long as i am bound by the lasso, I cannot resist any commands you give me nor can i resist any changes you make to my body or my mind. I will be yours to command."

Jake could not believe his luck!  Here was the the most feared and respected superheroine in the world and now she was his to humiliate as he sees fit.  "Wonder Woman, you now have an overwhelming desire to suck cock, especially mine.  The mere thought of having a nice big dick in your mouth will make you so fucking horny it will drive you crazy!"  Wonder Woman immediately felt her pussy rapidly become soaked.  "Oh and one more thing, and don't worry you are going to get to suck my dick.  But you see, I really like my whores to be obediant and really the only way to make them obediant is if they have no intelligence.  So get your ass over here and suck my dick.  And here's the thing, with every stroke, alittle bit of your intelligence will float away and as soon as my cum hits the back of your throat, Wonder Woman will be gone forever.  And in her place will be......Suzy!  A simple minded cock craving slut!!
Wonder Woman bowed her head and did as she was commanded not only because she had no choice but also because she was horny as hell.  She undid Jake's pants and pulled them down and soon found his 9 inch prick in her mouth.  With each stroke she could feel her mind clouding over and it becoming harder and harder to think.  She knew in the back of her mind that this was wrong, but under the power of the lasso and given how horny she was, she just kept on sucking as if her life depended on it.  Jake knew he could not hold on much longer.  He grabbed her by the hair and shouted "That's it bitch here it comes!  Say goodbye Wonder Woman!"  and with that, he exploded huge globs of cum into the now former superheroine's waiting mouth.  Wonder Woman was gone forever.
"So, whore, how did that taste?!"  "It like, tasted totally yummy!"  replied Suzy.  "Suzy" said Jake "How would you like to work for me?!"  "Would I get to suck cock?"  "You fucking bet you would, I have a feeling your going to be the nastiest, horniest fucking slut I have working for me!!!   "Yay!!!"  exclaimed Suzy with her mouth watering once again thinking of how much cock she was going to get to suck.  "Now Suzy, put your clothes on and get in the car.  We've got to get you ready for your new life as a street whore."  Suzy happily did as she was told.  Eager to begin her new life.

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