The hearing.

by Gorel
Storyline Monster Kryptonite
Characters Superman Supergirl Power Girl
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In the far arctic north in front of the fortress of solitude, Power Girl and Super Girl landed in front of the heavy doors that led to Superman’s secret home away from the world. “Hey Kara, he asked you over too?” Wondered the taller kryptonian woman, her gloved hands at her hips as her younger version landed nearby. “Yeah, something about needing all of us here for something important.”


Making their way through they passed the main hallway into the deeper parts of the crystalline fortress until they found their cousin Superman working fine adjustments on a device on a workbench.


“Oh hello you two, perfect timing, I just finished prepping up the phantom zone projector.” Placing the device on a tripod, Superman aimed the projector against one of the walls of the room and double checked his settings.


“The phantom projector? Isn’t that the thing our people used to imprison criminals?” Wondered Power girl out loud, raising an eyebrow to Superman’s actions.


“Yeah, really BAD criminals?”


“Yes, it is, and it just so happens its Faora’s parole date.” Flicking a switch the device hummed to life, showing a window into the pocket dimension where dozens of floating beings could be seen in the darkness within. “Now let’s see if we can find her and check if she is fit to return to society… Ah there she is.” Fiddling with the dials the view panned back and forth, passing by one floating person after another until Faora-ui; one of the last criminals from before krypton’s destruction finally came in sight. She was dressed in a full body black suit, similar in design to Kalel’s back in the day after he fought Doomsday, a scowl stuck on her face as she floated aimlessly in the shadowy dimension.


“Still a mean looking bitch as always.” Whispered Power Girl under her breath. Getting a crossed look from her cousin, Kara rolled her eyes before Superman flicked a switch and the woman was shifted from the phantom zone to the plane of reality. Collapsing to her hands and knees the dimensional convict slumped down, groggy and moaning like she had been sleeping the entire time.


“Welcome back to the real world Faora, this is your parole hearing, if you have anything to say on your behalf let me know and it will be considered in your hearing.” Declared the man of steel, de-activating the phantom projector.


Super Girl stepped to her cousin’s side and made a fist against her palm. “Yeah and try anything just remember your out numbered 3 to 1!”


Slowly getting to her feet, the dark-haired woman eyed the trio fiercely, with a dark smirk she reached behind her and pulled out a small glowing crystal. “Oh, I have NO intention of ‘trying’ anything, but I WILL do THIS!” Brandishing the black crystal in her hands at the others, her smile grew wider.


“What… What is that?” Gasped Power Girl, she and the others caught in the glow of the crystal in Faora’s hand.


“It’s kryptonite! Kryptonite I found floating in the phantom zone, it had to have been there since Krypton’s destruction, soaking in the energies of that shadowy realm, now on your knees! Know what it feels like to be trapped in that horrible dimension for yourselves ha ha!”


Waving their hands in front of them, the three heroes thought they were doomed, until they calmed down and looked around. Nothing was happening. Checking herself over, Super Girl found nothing wrong, no fever, no weakness, nothing. “Uhm… You sure that’s what it does?”


Blinking back at Superman and the kryptonite in her hand, Faora waved it back and forth at the others until Superman grabbed her arm and pulled her into a hold, placing the black glowing rock on the table. “I don’t understand, what went wrong?”


“Well that’s another blemish on your record.” Stated Superman with a shrug. “Guess I’ll just warm up the projector again and…”


“NO! I will not go back!” Managing to free herself from Superman’s iron grip, Faora took to the air and flew for the front door. With the heroes in hot pursuit they shot out the doors of the fortress of solitude, but when they were hit with the morning light of the sun, everything went blank.




“Ugh… My aching head…”


Slowly getting up and cradling her head, Super Girl had a throbbing headache. Slowly getting her bearing she looked around and found that it was the middle of the night. “What hit me?” Looking around she became more focused when she found herself surrounded by the others, each of them passed out, stark naked, and surrounded by what looked like the bones of cows… Or horses?


Slowly getting up from the grass, Power Girl yawned and blinked awake, looking around and instantly surprised at her situation before trying desperately to cover herself. “WHAT THE FLYING HELL HAPPENED?!”


“I know, right?”


Superman woke up the same time Power Girl did and looked just as shocked at their situation, using his hands to cover his waist. “Please tell me we didn’t eat these… What are they? Are those caribou? Moose?”


Super Girl suddenly burped up a piece of animal fur, and blushed bright red. “I guess so…”




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