Gambit wakes up

by extreme1
Storyline X-Men: Aftermath
Characters Gambit Magik Dazzler Moonstone
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Focus on Storm

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Remy LeBeau opened his eyes and looked around, The attack and the aftermath were now nothing but a blur in his mind, even worse he had no idea about either Rogue being purchased by the Shadow King or Storm being purchased by Ogun.

"Where the hell am I?" He muttered to himself.

"You're in a cell." A familiar voice piped up.

He looked up and saw Illyana Rasputin staring back at him, she was flanked by Alison Blaire and Dr. Karla Sofen.

"Magik, what's going on?" He asked as he tried to stand up, immediately he felt the energy leave his body and he was forced to sit back down on a small cot.

"Don't worry, the energy sapping drug we gave you should start to wear off soon, you just did a bit too much too soon, in about an hour it'll be completely out of your body. Now as for your question I'm not going to give you a big speech nor do I want to tell you any details of how we all got here, Remy, I'll cut right to the point: I managed to recruit my two associates here and we've got one goal: We're going to bring Death back." She said, her eyes staring a hole at him.

Remy was too weak to respond, but the pleading look he gave her told her his thoughts on her plan.

"I'll never bring Death back." Remy found the strength to croak out.

"You don't have a choice in the matter, if you don't want to do it voluntarily then Alison will be more then happy to help your body convince you otherwise and while that happens you'll have one of the best psychiatrists in the world helping your mind." Came the response.

"And before you get any ideas about using your skills to get out of here, I've got a little something to show you." She said, throwing a photo onto his body, just before she and her two allies turned and left.

After a few seconds, He'd gained enough energy that he could pick up the photo.

On it, he saw Rogue, chained to a dungeon wall.

Merde. He thought to himself.

He wasn't sure what had driven Magik to this, but he was almost certain that Dazzler had some unresolved feelings from they're time together in hell.

But, at that moment, they're reasons weren't important to Remy, keeping Rogue safe was, as usual, priority number 1 for him.

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