Jubilee gets her piercings

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
Previous Chapter Jean pays for Summer's wardrobe

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Tina shoved Jean's head deeper into her crotch moaning like a bitch in heat.
"OH god that's so fucking good you dyke whore." Tina said loudly... mentally prodded by the redhead herself.
"Mmmf" Jean moaned into the girls clit.
Summer was getting sooo horny watching the act she shoved her hand into her panties and fondled her litty clitty.
"lick my ass bitch." Tina yelled pulling Jean's head off by her hair and then dragging her to her ass... 
"Gee mister your lolly is sooo tasty" Jamie said before quickly popping the man's big dick back into her slutty mouth. 
The clerk stared at the ceiling in pure excstacy... the little doll was a great cocksucker.... he can't believe how lucky he was that this bitch came into his store... he didn't care how much he was going to lose when she walked out with all of these dresses... but damn the girly girl's mouth was worht every penny.
Jamie giggled as she continued her sucking.
Jubilee was walking through the mall the lazy cunt at the tatoo parlor would only write her tramp stamp today... and not any of the portraits she had envsioned of being filled with dicks, covered in cum, spreading her holes... and all other manner of depravity.
Her tounge lulled out of her mouth running the large metal stud she had implanted across her sensitive lips 
After she got her pierecings she had went next door and bought herself a new set of clothes. She had gotten herself a pair of knee high black leather boots, a pair of tiny leather booty shorts and a tiny yellow leather vest that barely contained her tits the outline of the large rings piercing her fat nipples clearly visible.
As she went to go pick up her prissy sissy-bitch from her task... secretly hoping Jamie failed so the Jizzbucket could punish her worthless ass...
Just then she heard girlish giggling half-expecting to see summer she saw two sluts leaning against a railing laughing amongst themselves... the two girls were dressed in nearly identical outfits... strappy high heel sandals, tiny micro-miniskirts and baby doll t-shirts as well as fancy looking pendants that hung into their expansive cleavage.
The main difference between the two was the color... one was in a purple skirt, with a white shirt that simply says "Naughty Tease" in Pink, her pendant was a gold star with brilliant green emeralds, the other was in a black skirt with a hot pink t-shirt with "Bitch in Training" written in a black fancy script, and a silver star with amethysts. 
Jizzbucket was debating heading over there to see what the little cunts thought was so funny... but she was thinking she needed to get back to her master.
Psylocke was still fighting the two conflicting personalties in her head while holding the beauty queen against the wall... she had to figure out what was going on... and soon... was she a British Noblewoman and former model, or A Californian Surfer girl that like totally loved showing off her hot bod to all the hunks... 
When Betsy's grip faltered enough the Beauty Queen's hands shot up and grabbed the sides of the Asian woman's head and brought her into a deep kiss... one the assassin melted into... all thoughts of England floating away... back to... like... wherever it is... like Canada... or something... *giggle*
With this acceptance the ninja's outfit which was little more than a purple swimsuit to begin with shimmered and split... reforming itself into a string Bikini as a white sash appeared around her shoulder marking her as "Miss California" 
"That was like totally rad... but like... when does the show start?" the bimbofied asian said stepping back twirling a lock of her hair 
"Oh the show will start after we assemble the rest of the contestants obviously... we can't have a pageant with only one after all." The Beauty Queen smiled.
"Like... oh yeah... that makes sense I suppose... so like... so like... there will be cute boys at the show right?" Betsy tittered.
"Obviously... I mean after the show all the losers will be auctioned off." Beauty Queen said booping Betsy's nose.
"KEWL!" She said excitedly. "So like... what now?"
"Well it's time to find us a real Texas cowgirl." BQ smiled.
At the Delta Mu Beta Soriority house. Melly, Jemma and Daisy were sitting around in their usual state... naked, bored and drunk.
"Like... we got anything tonight, Daisy?" Jemma said tweaking her friends nipple.
"Nothing Jemma... we need to find our slutty asses a party." Daisy side.
"Or at least 6 or 7 dicks..." Giggled Melly.
"Do you ever think with anything but your cunt, Melly?" Daisy responded.
"Well yeah... sometimes I think about my throat or asshole... I have more than one fuckhole" Melly giggled and took a swig of beer.

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