Jizzbucket and the Fire twins

by Anzaleth
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
Previous Chapter Jubilee gets her piercings

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"Hey, what are you bimbo bitches laughing about?" Jubilee Jizzbucket asked as she sauntered up to the Fire twins.

Starfire and Blackfire sniffed disdainfully at her. This girl with all her piercing on display in that tight, tight outfit was clearly such a trashy, cheap slut. As opposed to stylish, expensive sluts like THEY were. Gawd, it was like they were from two different worlds.
"Just things," Starfire giggled as she idly toyed with one of her red curls.
"Special things," Blackfire giggled.
"Yeah? Well, I've got a special thing between my legs," Jubilee grinned as she gestured to her crotch with its newly pierced clit. "You cunts wanna ride the fuck train?"
* * *
"Fuck, lick my ass clean, you dyke cunt," Tina moaned, grinding her ass against Jean's face as she squeezed her own clit.
Tina couldn't believe how many years she'd wasted not getting her holes cleaned by some sexy slut. She thought of her hot blonde roommate, and Tina's best friend -- that black busty bitch Lori. Yeah, she'd love to have Lori eating her out. 
"Lick my fucking ass!"
As Jean licked Tina, she heard a squeal and noticed that Summer's hand was thrust down her panties, desperately pinching her tiny dicky.
* * *
"Heyyyy, I got an idea!" Jemma said.
"Yeah, what is it, cunt?" Daisy asked.
"I bet we can use info an' junk to find some supervillains. They'd totally have some big thuggish dicks and wanna fuck us bad!"
"Ooooo, big villain thug dick," Melly purred.
Daisy tried to concentrate on some strange remnants of her SHIELD training. Where to find some well-hung supervillains?
* * *
"Tanya!" Jarvis yelled.
"Yes, Mr. Jarvis?"
"It's time to head out and sign over your company to me."
"If you do a good job of giving me everything, I'll give you a nice pair of tits. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"
Tanya bit her lips. A big pair of boobies would be nice.
"What about me, Daddy?" Janet asked.
"Hmmm, I don't know. You'd get bored with all that grown-up stuff. But I don't think I can trust you to be in your own...."
* * *
"Oh, god!" The clerk moaned as Jamie sucked and sucked. "Oh fuck!"
He grabbed the sissy's long curly hair and yanked on it, causing her to suck him faster.
Jamie was in sissy heaven! This nice man was letting her suck his big dick and then give her all these lovely princess dresses! People were so nice!
He sprayed his thick cream into Jamie's mouth, causing her to squeal and make her watery cummies in her sissy panties.
* * *
Beauty Queen and Betsy appeared in a very high-class restaurant in front of the target.
"What a ritzy place this is," Beauty Queen grinned. "Not right for you at all! Soon you'll be hangin' out at the roughest nastiest cowboy bar looking to ride all the bucking broncos you can!"  

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