Truth: It is Venom, it had escaped from Brock's control and is searching for a host

by Danknoodle420
Storyline Symbiote Spiderman
Previous Chapter The bikini! A hot looking one, however makes bonding harder and more visible.

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"What are y-aaaah" Gwen moaned softly as the Symbiote started tickling her clits again, keeping it as wet as possible. /I'm Venom, the Symbiote that was once Spider-Man's costume./ Gwen looked at the mirror, seeing herself in a completely white suit but with a monstrous jaw and black teadrop eyes. On her chest was the same spider symbol but it now spreaded to her back as well. She grabbed her face and turn it side to side. "You're the Venom that bonded to Eddie Brock?" Gwen asked her own skin. /if you put it that way then yes. I was also bonded to Eddie Brock, not to long ago. I realized that his intention was more than just hurting Peter... He want to... W-we wanted t-to.../ Gwen felt the Symbiote's emotion invading her mind. Sorrow, sadness, regret, it never felt anything except anger until now. "I-I... Why? Why would you-" Gwen replied, she felt her whole jaw move, her long tongue slashed back and forth./I-I was blinded by anger, hatred, jealousy. I feel the need to draw blood from him. He keeps on trying to talk but... w-we.../ The Symbiote felt it's emotion began to rise. "Then why do you latch on to me? Do you want to take my body and mind again?" Gwen wondered but finally asked. /N-no. I just need a host, I don't want to be lonely. Please.../ Venom begged for her forgiveness. "I don't know if I can. Peter would hate me if I say yes but... If I say no then I get to be with you. It's been really tough for him too." She shrugged. /I can disguise myself when he's around. Plus, you get me around as sort of a third wheel./ It reasoned with her, scared of being rejected. "Okay, you can hang around. I want you to act more natural around me okay?" Gwen asked to ensure her safety. /I'm fine with that. What do you want to do now?/ Gwen walked over to the shower. "I'm just gonna rinse off quickly and head to bed. Do you mind getting off me?" Gwen looked in the mirror as her white Gwenom suit melted off her body and into a puddle beneath her feet. It traveled beside her and raised up into a female humanoid shape. "Hmm that's better." Gwen once again was completely naked in front of the mirror. "Hey Gwen... Can I... Not be Venom? C-can you call me Sym instead?" The Symbiote shrugged. "Sure! If it makes you feel comfortable then it's fine with me." Gwen stepped inside the shower and turned on the water.

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