Gwen slept but Sym woke her up wanting something

by Danknoodle420
Storyline Symbiote Spiderman
Previous Chapter Truth: It is Venom, it had escaped from Brock's control and is searching for a host

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Sym waited outside of Gwen's bathroom until she came out. "Hey Sym um... Do you mind sharing beds? I only have one." Gwen asked. "Sure, no problem." Gwen walked over to her bed and unwrapped the towel, revealing her gorgeous body. "You don't sleep with clothes?" Gwen threw her towel on the other side of her room. "Some people just prefer to be nude." She hopped on her bed. Sym also went on with her as she slid under the blanket. Gwen's eyes slowly collapse because of the amount of tiredness she had recieve do from Sym fucking her hard. She soon fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of how her life will change because of her new friend. However, Sym didn't seem to fall asleep as quickly. She or rather it stirred in her sleep. Her face somehow is turning black to red. Was she blushing? /God why is it so hot in here?/ Sym wondered as she looked over to the blonde girl. /S-she looks really sexy... What am I thinking? I told her I just wanted to be her friend and yet... I love her?/ The Symbiote confused herself over how horny she is. She wanted something. /Maybe... Maybe if I latch on to her... No. Peter left me because of that. I need to ask her./ Sym turned over next to Gwen. Using her tentacle, she poked Gwen's shoulder. "Hnngh... Hm? Is there something wrong?" Gwen stared at the Symbiote in her bed. "I-I... Wanted to... Uh. I mean I..." Sym stuttered nervously. "You?" The Symbiote blushed. "I want to... I want to fuck you! Wait no! I-" Gwen closed her eyes calmly. /I really don't want to but... She will be sad if I... I need to do it./ Gwen thought. "Fine... Don't go over board okay? Just take it slo-" Sym stood up on the bed as she flung the sheets off, revealing Gwen entirely. She kneeled down, her knees on either side of Gwen's body. Tendrils sprouted from her body as it touches Gwen's smooth skin. Sym' leg stretched as it encased Gwen's. "Hey! I told you not to go overboaaaaah." Sym plunged inside of Gwen's pussy, covering every inch of her clits as she pushed her body against Gwen. Her front opened up as slime spew out of her chest, on to Gwen's breast. "What is aaaah this?" Gwen moaned as she realized she could feel her breast better. "Sensitivity Liquid ten folds." Sym pressed her body even harder on Gwen. Sym started to engulf Gwen's body. Her waist were pure tentacle porn, reaching down to the depths of her holes as well. Gwen's body was covered in a white bodysuit from toe to breast. "Sym I think that's eno-aaaah Sym please!" Sym took Gwen's arm and coated them with her mass. Gwen's hand became smooth and delicate in white slime. Sym used Gwen's hand to massage her own breast. Gwen moaned loudly at the sensation of getting fuck in all her holes. The white Symbiote planted its lip on Gwen and sent its tongue down her throat. Their tongue danced for dominance as her head merged with Sym's. Instead of being a spider costume, she was just covered in a completely white fetish suit of some sort. Gwen's armpit was getting tickled, breast was being sucked on, her holes were being fucked by millions of worms. Her whole body tensed up as it feels like she was getting smaller, being kissed by thousands of lips. Sym hugged tight around Gwen's body, it traced her curves, her flaps, and even belly button. Gwen moaned at her loudest point as she spasmed on her bed. Her breast shot out green juices as well as her pussy. Gwen was still giving the Symbiote the best blowjob as itself inside of her mouth. Gwen was no where near the point of resisting. No. She loved it, she want it to be there forever, the sensation of being squeezed tightly and played with like a toy she was. Sym calmed down her rampage on Gwen. "Haa... Haa... Oh fuck! Again?! Aaaaah" Gwen spoked in a dual voice as Sym repeated herself. Spewing out her Sensitivity liquid and fucking her hard. Hours had past, Gwen was still moaning from the pleasure, orgasming on her bed as she fell on the cold floor. /You can stop... Please I can't take anymore./ Gwen spoked to the Symbiote through telepathy. /Okay, I think I had enough as well./

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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