She goes straight back to her own era-sure things will work out the same

by Evva
Storyline catwoman's time travel adventure
Characters Catwoman Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Robin Huntress Talia Al Ghul Batman
Category F/F Memory Manipulation M/F DC
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Selina promptly returned to her era, landing the time machine at the Wayne's manor distant corner. Usually the last place where Bruce or one of his sidekicks would go. She walked to the garden's tool shack where she changed her clothes before she embarked at the time machine.


She noticed the first change. She didn't found the same clothes which she stored there before the trip, she found a very nice dress, a pair of diamond earrings, a pair of exclusive and expensive shoes and a collar with a big BW pendant made of diamonds and sapphires.

Her heart was full of expectations about the results from this change. Her mind was predicting a more tender and soft Bruce, but not less virile and strong. But the collar and the dress was indicating someone way more hot than she was expecting.  Bruce's father had the reputation about be a kind, but a fierce and passionate man, with a strong sense of Social Justice, a trait common for every Wayne family men since the days of Judge Solomon Wayne. But now Selina was expecting something less controlled, maybe even closer to her tastes. She changed as fast as possible and rushed back to the manor, wondering who she could find living her beloved one body.

Once she crossed the rest of the garden approaching to the doors which connect the east garden to the manor Selina noticed some very passionate moans coming from the chairs near of the doors. She saw Bruce sit at one of the chairs with his legs open and his pants down. Between his legs was Talia Al-Ghoul kneed on the grass passionately deep sucking his dick"Very curious" Selina said to herself observing the couple love making from a safe distance."So Bruce don't hold himself, and that bitch is behaving like a real pro..."

But the blowjob was promptly interrupted by a late teens blonde girl which Selina had recognized as Stephanie Brown, one of Bruce's many sidekicks, dressed as a sexy executive assistant  and she is holding a white porcelain mask "Master Wayne, you have the Parliament meeting tonight." said the blonde girl delivering the mask of the most exclusive organization in Gotham "You need to bind Timothy as your talon, sir"Selina jaw had dropped. She never imagined Bruce could join the Parliament of Owls nor keep Timothy Drake, his last longing Robin as an Owl's thrall.

"What the fuck I did" Selina asked herself before she was interrupted by someone touching her shoulder "Easy tigress" said the female soft voice "My brother sooner or later will meet the Huntress and he will rot in the jail." the woman saidSelina slowly turned her head to the woman's direction and she noticed an astound woman, about her 6 feet tall, a hair as dark as the night which cascaded over her backs till her ass and dressing a very sexy version of a tuxedo. Selina clearly was confused, she never had met this woman before, she has many things in common with Bruce, like she was his baby daughter or something like that and she had the same kind of vibe which Bruce had before the time travel. "Everything will be fine" she said kissing Selina and groping her ass. "He will suffer the consequence of his deeds or I am not Brylegh 'Wayne"

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