More cultural shock

by ruleradvent
Storyline catwoman's time travel adventure
Previous Chapter She goes straight back to her own era-sure things will work out the same

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"Brylegh Wayne..."

"His sister...don't you..."

She grinned coyly "Pretend Im from out of town...Ive been elsewhere...tell me whats been happening in here and in Gotham..."

Brylegh smiled...it would feel good to talk about what had happened...now that she felt she was ready to make the act she had been building up to...she took Selinas hand and led her along telling her what was going on...Selina was horrified the more she heard...


Bruce had joined the Parliament of Owls as they fed his conviction that his money made him better and more suited to rule...his parents miraculous salvation proved that too him...and since then he had been using the Wayne influence on the town to change it...


The Talons selected and the technological superiority Wayne corporation gave granted the Owls complete control over the city.  As the Mayor promised at his election-a reduction in Crime...Only Crime that the Owls Allowed would happen...Mayor Edgar Head...aka Egghead gave the image of total corporate normality...through his associate Mr Cobblepot...both made honorary members of the Parliament for their skill in keeping things as they wanted...Thanks to Eggheads schemes Gordon had never been the Commissioner he was living elsewhere in disgrace after a simply arranged event...Instead a well meaning but far less effective Ian Leaf was in his office....of course this meant that Cobblepots place the PENGUIN CLUB was now colossal dominating the city...you cannot get anywhere in Gotham without being a member of the Club....


"It as one of my first visits to the club tat convinced me-Bruce assumed I would see things his way, and so he let me listen on what happening what was decided I had had my suspicions about him before but this confirmed...he wasn't just a generally rich bully....not the run of the mill bastard...he was part of this...he wanted to be head of this corruption...I knew then...someone had to stop him...them..."


Selina grimaced....she had been blind...acting without thinking...all she knew or cared about, was that Bruce was hurting...but that hurt had made him the man she loved...something had to be done but...she looked at her...But....almost as if somehow balancing things...Brylegh had seemed to be evolving...to become the figure that Bruce couldn't be.....And from the way she looked at her...took easily to her ploy it was plain the two had a relationship.....before this...

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