Hartley in wonderland

by OmegaJay
Storyline Harley's fun land
Characters Harley Quinn
Category Absolutely Everything
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Harley Quinn was lost she had just broke out of Arkham Asylum she didn't have here usall make up on.

  She was wearing a stolen guard uniform the police where on here trail she picked up a gold key off the ground , it was half red half black her favorite colors she quickly inserted in the closest door and opened it and rushed in slamming the door .

once inside she was shocked she wasn't inside a house but a out door amusement park and what 

was even stranger was there was a wide variety of men women and even furtaris walking in large variety of sexy outfits .

Harley : where em I ?

voice : your in fuckesy world  where you can fuck any one any where any place you desire .

Harley (confused ) ok so if I want a sluty school version of me ( suddenly much to Harley's surprised walked

out of a close  by tent was her complete with big chest ,pig tails , make up and a schools girl dress she walks up to Harley)

S. Harley: you called Sweetie .

Harley (smiled) oh fun now I want a horney ,nerd joker with no face paint a huge cock !

( as if by magic coming out of a comic shop was a twenty year old man with green hair and glasses, 

wearing a purple shirt with Harley's face on it with no pants and a hard twelve inch hard cock hanging out.)

Harley walks over nerd joker grabs his hand and sluty Harlyes and takes them to a comedy museum ...

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