More peopel fall under Felicia's sway...

by C.King
Storyline 24 Hour Challange
Characters Black Cat
Category Marvel Mind Control
Previous Chapter (24 BC)Original Gangster Felicia and Red/Blue Streak Felicia go after the Parkers.

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 As the Black Cats continued their work, another name was added to the List with Pepper Potts and Peter Parker. Tony Stark, since after the Red/Gold streaked began to walk away Tony begged to do anything to get her to continue. Which included swearing himself to her. More were to be added shortly...

With Blue Streak...

 As the wheel finished spinning, it landed on one of the emotional changing options. Felicia spoke, "So let's spin again. Addiction, fear, love, or something else which give you the drive to surrender to me. As long as you have the option to avoid surrendering, if you do surrender I win. So let's see what you win!"

 The wheel changed panels, and the wheel spun again. Emma, who had her powers blocked, was trying to figure out a way to avoid the god-like powers of the other woman. Knowing she had to hold out till the twenty-four hours ended. But who knew when they was? But she had no other choice.

With a Red Streaked Felicia...

 Wanda listened to the offer which the Black Cat, or copy of the Black Cat offered. The power to have the family she wanted. Children, love, and a happy home. In addition to being heroes. The magic using hero could feel her desires for such a thing grew within her. Making her more and more interested in offer to surrender to the Black Cat.

 She had no idea that Felicia was boosting her desires and need for the thing which was being offered. Letting her want it more and more. Since this was being proven to be a much more effective method, along with memory changes. She was beginning to wonder if mixing memory alterations and feeling boosting would be the best bet for most cases.

 Felicia also included fantasies in the Scarlet Witch's mind of the happy future she could have under Felicia.  With Wanda on their side, they would have much more of an advantage after the contest. A mage to go with the others. As Felicia keep pouring the pressure but allowing for an option to get out of it.

 Wanda answered, "So if I surrender myself to you, you can make my dreams come true?"

 Felicia answered, "Yes. In fact if you want it, we can seal the deal with a kiss. If you want my deal, surrender to me with a kiss."

With Red/Blue Felicia...

 Mary Jane was jerking and twisting as the plesaure was driving her mind insane. MJ needed the pleasure to end or she would loose her mind. She knew if she surrender to end the situation she was in, she would be the slave of the Black Cat. That she would surrender her husband to her rival. And...

 She didn't care!

 "Okay, Okay! I surrender myself to Black Cat. Just stop... this." As she said the words, the pleasure stopped and her world was erased as well as replaced. All memories of being in a relationship with Peter was gone, replaced with love and devotion to her mistress, "Mistress Felicia, how may I serve?"

Felicia added a four to the list as more of her spread out among the heroes and villains.


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