by pierre
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Scarecrow
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''What is this? Master Pc 29. Changing Reality to What You Want It To Be. This is obviously a prank but might as well see what its about." Dr Jonathan Crane types in Batman into the search function showing a virtual image of Bruce Wayne "Batman is Bruce Wayne a amusing conspiracy theory. Let me see what it does in physical folders. Lets change hair color to blonde."

Warning you haven't secured your memory . "Strange but might as well."
The virtual image of Bruce Wayne hair turns blond.surprisingly well thought out." Muttered Mr Crane.
"I probably need to watch the news to figure out who's my next target perhaps the mayor of Gotham needs some help in the air conditioner or I could do a robbery at Wanye Manor. My fear gas is starting to run low and I need the funds.
He turns on the tv "This is Vicki Vale reporting on Gotham's most famous playboy." As usual it shows another one of Wanye's many love affairs but something was different. She wasn't ludicrously moronic and more importantly his hair was blonde. "No this can't be" shouted scarecrow in shock "He probably dyed his hair but what if its true I need to check!" He quickly examined his news paper clippings to see if its true "This is impossible! His hair is now blonde but they were black.There can only be one possible explanation. I have come across a reality warping device. I can change all of reality to my will. I am the single most powerful being in the universe but the question remains what do I do with my new found power?"

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