He changes everything about Gotham city itself

by ruleradvent
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No...nothing small and simple like that...Fear...and the dark had always been his great interest....and Gotham had always been his favourite Canvas to do his work...and...YES...Batman and whoever sided with him was his favourite problem...the one who tests his creation...and him....

He calls up a history of Gotham city...to decide where to begin.....


Bruce Wayne was feeling...for the first time in a long time...Amused....here in the Manor, were his team mates and allies...and a would be ally all under one roof...Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman....as Selina Kyle...Oracle and Kathy Kane-well what was there to do...but ask about what had happened....


there it is...the gilded age...1890s...a time of cults and mystics and such like...the perfect time...He would create a sort of Hellfire club...a group of the wealthiest of the time, come to impose a dark and occult touch...reflecting their own strange visions of the world...Gotham had always been Gothic....now...it was going to stop pretending to be anything else....and the result would be....


Just then the people at the banquet turned round...there was a feeling something was in the air...something was happening...something...dire.....


Then as the glittering mist faded....Crane got up and went to the window...and smiled at what he had created....now...let the dark knight try to redeem this city now!

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