Gwen visit to Peter in the next day.

by Danknoodle420
Storyline Symbiote Spiderman
Previous Chapter Gwen slept but Sym woke her up wanting something

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KSym slept next to Gwen for the rest of the night. "Gwen! Your phone is ringing." The Symbiote poked Gwen as it grabbed her phone. Sym put the phone next to Gwen's ear and pressed call. "Gwen, you there?" A voice came through. "Ugh... Oh.. What is it Pete? God why does my whole body ache" Gwen whispered. "Did you just wake up or something? It's like one PM!" Peter laughed. "Uuugh I just need a couple more mi-Wait WHAT?! Oh shoot! I completely forgot about our date!" Gwen jolted out of bed but can barely walk. Her body tingles from her breast down to her pussy. "Haha, no worries. If you're free tonight wanna come over?" Peter asked "Hmm, sure. I don't think I have anything to to so why not." Gwen quickly end the call and got out of bed. Her hand ran through her blonde hair. "So you're going?" The Symbiote asked. "Yeah, I need to make it up for the missing date. Also why does my whole body ache?" She rubbed her neck as she wiggled her head back and forth. "You let me fuck you remember?" Sym asked innocently. "oh right... Well I'm going to brush my teeth now and get ready." She walked nakedly to the bathroom to grab her toothbrush. She squeezed out the cream onto the stick and put it in her mouth. As she was brushing her teeth, Sym was right behind her. Sym grabbed was trying to crawl up her legs as Gwen did not pay attention. Gwen's eyes widen as she felt her thighs being covered. She moaned softly as Sym teased her clits lightly. Foam spilled out of her mouth as she was moaning. "Hey! What are you aaaaah doi-aaah?" Sym crawled up her waist until she completely coated Gwen to the neck. "You want to be on me already?" She felt the Symbiote tighten and hugged her close. She ignored Sym and went back to her business. She finally got the last of the toothpaste out of her mouth as it was replaced by Sym's mass. Her face was engulfed by white slimes pouring down her head. Sym latched on to her feature as Gwen starts to hear Sym's voice inside her head again. "Fine, you can be on me but change into something more casual." Sym listened and retracted from Gwen's leg. She formed a pair of short skirt. She also retracts from Gwen's arm and turned into a white long sleeve sweater. Gwen rubbed her hands against her new clothes and felt that is was wierdly normal, but from the inside, it felt like some sort of slime or gooey latex. She ignored it as she ran out her apartment and called an uber to Peter's house.

With Peter
"Hmm... Why is it that I never see Venom anymore after that battle. Did the Symbiote leave Eddie? I'm thinking too much, but at least I don't have to worry about fighting him anymore." Peter spoked to himself in the shower. Droplets of water ran down his toned body. It dripped off of his long cock. Peter washed his hair throughly and back out of the shower. He grabbed his black boxer and pulled them on. He then also put on his jeans and red shirt. "Oh, Gwen should be here any mome-" Suddenly, his apartment's bell rang. "Peter! Are you in there?" Gwen shout through the hardwood door. /Do you need me to check?/ Sym suggested. /No, he's going to come./ Gwen replied as she heard the door knob turned. "Hey Gwen! How's it going?" Peter waves her inside of his new apartment. Gwen looked around the spacious room. "Woah! How did you afford this place?" Peter rubbed his neck. "Well... My company was quite successful you see." He replied, trying not to mention that the company was owned by a six arm Doctor that took his body. They both sat down on Peter's green modern couch as Peter brought her coffee. "Hey Gwen...." Gwen tilt her head in confusion as she drank out of the ceramic cup. "Sorry if this is a bit personal but... Have you seen the Venom Symbiote these days?" Peter asked in a serious tone. /Gwen.... Should we do it?/ Sym asked worilly. /I don't think there's a way out of this.../ Gwen responded. "Peter... I need to tell you something." Gwen stared at her crush. "What is it?" Peter asked. "The Symbiote... Is on me..." Peter's eyes widen in shock as a small tendril sprouted from Gwen's sweater. "Gwen what the? Get it off! It's going to control you!" Gwen's head jolted up as Peter stood there, stoned. "W-wait! Peter! It's not going to harm us! Eddie was the one who wanted your death not her!" Gwen argued. "Eddie? Why would he? We're basically brothers!" Peter eyes stared at Gwen uncomfortably. "Peter... Eddie was fired, he lost his home, his wife. And during those time, he thought it was you who framed him." She repeated after Sym. "But it took me over! It wants my body!" He protested. "I JUST WANT TO HELP YOU OKAY?! I NEVER MEANT IT! I-I..." Sym pierced Gwen's mind and took over her body. "Peter please..." Gwen instantly got control back afterward. "Gwen I... Don't know what to say.... How could I believe you?" Gwen stood up and spread her arms. "Well... Our natural form isn't Venom. This is what we look like." Gwen's sweater covered her hand as her skirt stretched down her feet.  The two parts merged together to form a white SpiderGirl suit with a black spider symbol on her chest. She decided to leave her face open so Peter felt more comfortable. "We know you're confused Peter but please... Give the Symbiote a chance." She ran over and hugged Peter. She planted her lips on Peter. "I-mmmm o-okay you can keep it..." 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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