Fire's mind starts to accept this

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
Previous Chapter Doctor Psycho and his bitches

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Her mind spun like so many roulette wheels she saw in her life... Icemaiden was telling her they used to party on the strip.... and that sounded right... and Brazil seemed so far away right now... and she remembered all of the men she fucked almost in a line... until she felt herself orgasm...
"JACKPOT!" Fire giggled out as her outfit shifted... the tight green pants shrank down until all she was left with a tiny thong that showed off her well tanned body. The top shrank in size as well showing off even more cleavage... and a white 0 appeared on the center of each cup. 
"There we go isn't it good to forget all of those silly thoughts about ever being anything but a slutty Vegas gal?" Bea said.
"Oh yeah... I can't even fathom how I'd try to sleep without miles of neon brightening up the night sky." Fire smiled.
"Excellent... our pageant is going swimmingly...  now let's go down to Georgia and get ourselves a peach." BQ smiled.
"Before we go... could we like get your number." Starfire asked sweetly.
"uh... my number? what for?" Stanton said shocked.
"oh incase we need help from that big... brain of yours.. I mean... sciencey stuff can be soooo hard sometimes." Blackfire added 
"and maybe we can send you some cute pictures." Starfire smiled.
Dr. Psycho dismissed his sissy whores who were eager to get to work. They knew that if they made enough money their master would reward them somehow. 
He grunted and pulled the blonde off his cock by her ponytail as he deposited his load directly on her face.
"There now don't you just love your girly makeover, Kitty?" Doctor Psycho said.
"Oh yes I love it Master." Kitty Pryde smiles.
"Though I suppose now that we have a real kitty slut around here we have to change your name. Hmm... I could call you Katherine but that's a big girl name not one for a precious little girly slut like you... not to mention Pryde... you have nothing to be proud of." Doctor Psycho said.
"Yes master." Kitty said with a smile licking her master's cock like a lolly.
"How about Katie Cockmilker, how does that sound?" 

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