Mr. Jarvis returns to the mansion

by Anzaleth
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
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Jan heard the door open.

"Jan, Daddy's home. Have you been a good girl?"
"Yes!" Janet squealed as she hurried down the steps.
"Really? If I ask Friday, he'll say that?"
"Um?" Janet stopped and blushed. Then she giggled as she saw the new Tanya. Tanya looked so silly!
* * *
The three sissy whores came to a run-down bar.
"So why are we stopping here?" Autumn asked.
"Back when I stupidly though I was some sort of man, I heard that some evil mutants were meeting here," Jamie said. "I was going to investigate until Master showed me that I had no business being some tough stud."
"Oh any kind of man at all," Summer laughed.
"Yes," Jamie said. "This is where the real men are."
* * *
"Mmmm, Katie Cockmilker sounds great, Daddy Master," Katie giggled.
She was so lucky that Daddy Master was nice enough to turn her into a precious little girly slut. She loved it so much. Katie was a little disappointed that Jamie was instantly sent out to whore himself. She wanted to have a little fun with that pathetic little sissy-princess. The former Shadowcat had decided that even though she was as sweet and precious-as-could-be with her daddy, she would be a total bully brat with Jamie. Pulling that pantywaist's hair, jeering at her, pulling Jamie's panties down so every can laugh at her, pushing Jamie into the mud. Maybe even sitting on the sissy's face and making her kiss Katie's ass or be smothered.
Katie Cockmilker giggled. Yes, it would be so much fun to make that sissy cry!
Then she went back to sucking on her favourite throbbing lolly.
* * *
"Okay, thanks for the info," Starfire said to Steve Dayton as she slid the piece of paper that had his phone number into her big cleavage.
"Bye-bye!" Blackfire blew a kiss at him.
Then the two slutty princesses flew off.
"I guess we should be going back to daddy dearest?" Blackfire said.
"Certainly, sister dearest," Starfire said. "But before then, do you want to do the 69 high in the sky."
"Oooo, yes, licking out each other's snatches above the clouds. That would be the sexiest!"
* * *
Various thugs and hoodlums looked up as the three sissies walked in. Two of them, twins, looked like living blow-up dolls with huge tits barely contained by flimsy bikini tops, big fat cock-sucking lips they could barely close, big eyes devoid of any intelligence, long hair that ran down to their huge asses.
They giggled, looking around.
The third newcomer looked like a petite, delicate doll, and she was dressed in a pretty pink skirt and a pink top that had the words "Pretty Princess on it." She also had a delicate tiara in her hair.
Jamie gestured to Summer and Autumn, pointing at a table where Avalanche, Blob, and Pyro were sitting. As well... Jamie almost swooned. There was Sabretooth there! Such a manly man! Almost as much a man as Master!
* * *
Beauty Queen and her girls appeared in a puff of smoke.
"Look over there, BQ!" Fire said.
"Yes," Beauty Queen agreed. "She will make such a delicious Georgian peach."

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