Batsissy is overjoyed at being "deputized"

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
Previous Chapter Jim Gordon officially "deputizes" Batsissy

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As soon as Gordon's liquid commendation splattered all over Batsissy's face, her clitty began dribbling her watery sissycum into her panties.
"Now get your slutty ass out of my office." Gordon said as he zipped his pants back up.
"Oh... yes Thir!" Batsissy said trying to lick up as much of the man's cum off her face as possible... she began thinking about which of her naughty villains she should try and track down tonight.
Kara giggled she loved being treated like a princess... even from lowly criminals like this. She just wished her daddy hadn't given her the little shorts so she could have some of them attend to her naughty little holes, especially when she learned that the belt locked them into place. 
She noticed her sister twirling her hair not watching Kara ordering the thugs around... and pouted... Super Sissy had a little skirt on and wasn't using it... well Kara could fix that, she giggled to herself.
Aphrodite's toga shrank and turned bright pink until it was a tiny micro mini skirt... her tits began to balloon up into a very fake pair that was contained in a bright pink business vest. Her golden blonde hair piled itself up into a big stylized pile and then shifted into a bright platinum. 
"Mmm... " she licked her lips as makeup began painting her face until she looked like the Porn star of which she now was in charge of... not to mention that she counted herself among.
"Thanks, Di. It's time to help the world fall in love again." Aphrodite smiled.
"Love?" Diana asked confused.
"Well lust is a type of love isn't it?" the blonde giggled.
"Indeed, now take your bimbo slut of a sister with you and get to work" Diana said.
"Of course... Come along Theny, we're going to make you a star." Aphrodite clicked her heels against the ground as she walked, Athena skipped behind her and the two vanished in a flash of pink light.

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