Lex Luthor punishes Connie

by Anzaleth
Storyline Pink Lanterns - Emissaries of Lust
Previous Chapter Batsissy is overjoyed at being "deputized"

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"We were just having a little fun with your maid, Mr. Luthor," Mercy said.

"Yeah, but she's, like, a big dumb-dumb," Hope said. "Doesn't do everything she's supposed to do."
"Is this true?" Luthor glowered at Connie.
"N-no, Mr. Luthor," Connie whimpered, looking about to faint as this powerful, savage, handsome brilliant manly man stared at  her. Connie wanted to faint and cry and cream all at once. It was hard to know what was stronger: how much Mr. Luthor frightened her or how much he turned her on.
"She's not just  dumb, she's a liar too!" Mercy said  gleefully, relishing being as big of a nasty bimbo bitch as she could.
"You are in so much trouble!" Lex Luthor growled as he pulled on Connie's hear, pulling the terrified sissy maid to his study. "And you will be punished for it!"
"Can we watch?" Hope asked.
Lex Luthor growled. He hadn't hear back from Kara and Claire. What were his two naughty girls up to? 
* * *
A building exploded, and Bane, Killer Croc, and Clayface ran out, their arms laiden with bags.
"Thtop, meanie evil-doers!" Batsissy yelled from atop a building, her hands on her hips.
"Who the hell are you?" Bane asked.
"Thomeone who will make you thorry!" the sissy yelled.
The three were such big, powerful, muscular men. Total savage thugs. Could she stand against them. What would they do to her?
Batsissy was getting all stiff in her bat-panties at the thought.
* * *
Circe was relaxing in her palace when she got a telepathic message.
"Yes?" she said.
"Circe, darling, this is Queen Diana,"
"QUEEN Diana?"
"I know we used to fight in the past, but honestly you're such an egotistical perverted ball-busting bitch, that I think you and I have a lot in common. You want to come over and chat? We can drink and watch the Amazon nation choke on monster dick." 
* * *
A burst of pink energy transformed an old warehouse into "Aphrodite Productions," the great new porn studio.
"Now, then," Aphrodite said, "what should I do first?"

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