Three Blondes and a Spider

by C.King
Storyline Sexy Loci
Characters Emma Frost Invisible Woman Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Spider-Man
Category Marvel
Previous Chapter A Marvel Character

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 The Lawyer sat in front of the three blond women and the brown-haired man before him. He read most of the will to them, but now spoke of the part which involved them. He begun,

 "As the reminder of Mr. Richard Johnson's estate, a building in the middle of Manhattan, is to be given to Ms. Sue Storm-Richards, Ms. Carol Danvers, Ms. Emma Frost, and Mr. Peter Parker.  It is stated that the building can not be sold for a year and six months. After which it can be sold if the money is split evenly.

 I will require all of you to sign the document here to make official the ownership of the building and then the process can begin."

 The quartet, curious on why the four of them had been chosen given their shared secrets, decided the best way to see it through. They signed the paper, becoming the offical owner of a Sexy Genii Loci. Whether they knew it or not. The building being linked to them now, affecting their minds and bodies if needed, drawing them closer it it without consciously knowing it. Including an increase in lust and sensuality, a greater need for sex as well as working at any sexual job as well as convincing others as well. If they worked in the Loci.

 Once it was finished, the four gather to talk....

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By more characters I mean one branch of the story can feature Batman but other branches can feature non-Batman characters.
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I've always believed that a post around 1000-1500 words is a good chapter.
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creating Atmosphere. Then it is good written i say :)
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i am with Solar :) Size matters IF it is used good :) Chapters should have a certain depth to the Story and should create an Atmosphere that is more than 200 Words long :) But it is hard to say a chapter is long or short! it has to be well written and

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