Outside the Law office.

by exidor455
Storyline Sexy Loci
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter Three Blondes and a Spider

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The four exceptional New Yorkers gathered outside the law offices. They shared a sense of surprise and bafflement.

Peter Parker spoke first. “So, I guess we’re all wondering, who the heck was this Johnson guy, and why the heck did he leave the four of us this building? We’ve got the address, so we should maybe head over there and look it over.”

“Wait a moment, young man.” Said Susan Storm-Richards, the prim and proud Invisible Woman. As usual, she was dressed fashionably and conservatively in a business suit with a neatly tailored jacket and skirt, and shoes with sensible heels. “This all seems very fishy to me. I think we should learn more about Johnson and the building before we hurry into anything. It could be a trap.”

“Good point Sue,” spoke Emma Frost. “But it seems odd that anyone would decide to target us four. Maybe it’s just one of those odd, harmless little events that make life so interesting.” She smiled at Parker, who as an impetuous sort and keen to head straight to the building without delay. “It couldn’t hurt too much to at least head to the location and get a sense of the area.”

“I’m with Sue,” said Carol Danvers. “I think we should get more information first. And we should probably get a lawyer of our own to look into the papers. That one didn’t seem too trustworthy if you ask me.” She gestured at the entrance to the building they’d just left.

“OK, fine”, replied Peter. “We won’t go into the building unless we’re all there. Just keep me informed of anything you find out.”

With an agreement to keep in touch, the four went their separate ways.


Susan Storm-Richards headed straight back to the Baxter Building, where she planned to tell Reed all about what had happened and get his ideas…but then, why should she always involve him? He had plenty of his own pet projects, so maybe it was time she had one of her own.

She made herself comfortable in one of the high-tech labs in the upper floors and began a simple set of internet searches for any information relating to the late Mr Johnson and the building he’d willed to them. The odd thing was she was finding it hard to concentrate on the job at hand. Each search came up with several porn sites and she felt herself uncharacteristically clicking on each in turn.

In moments, she was watching a variety of lewd and disgusting videos, in full HD, of gorgeous women engaging in a dizzying variety of sexual acts. Instead of reacting the way she normally would, she found herself settling back in the comfortable chair and opening up several viewing windows at once, so that soon she was presented with a wall of screens, each showing a scene of carnal debauchery in extreme clarity. The images and sounds swept over her. On one display, a young blonde was deep-throating the biggest, blackest cock she had ever seen with no apparent effort, and a great deal of pleasure. On another, a mature woman (what she believed was called a MILF), was being taken anally (or ‘ass-fucked’, she found herself thinking) by a muscular, tattooed young man. Who were these people, who could happily engage in these depraved activities in front of cameras, knowing that thousands of stranger would be watching, and masturbating…

A sound behind her snapped her out of her daydream. Someone was entering the lab! Hurriedly, she closed the web browser and cleared her throat, suddenly realising how hot and bothered she had become. Trying to look as innocent as she could, she turned round to see her beloved husband Reed entering the lab...

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