Further elements of the house

by C.King
Storyline Sexy Loci
Category Marvel
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 The house also gained a benefit from the owners of house. While the powers of the man and the military woman was limited for the house's use, the other two women's powers were more useful. Invisibility and the ability to make invisible shields, and the power of the mind including contacting as well as controlling it, both useful.

 It also wanted the four of them to be a team, a family. Since the more linked they were, the more in synch they were, the better for the house to do what it could to give them sex they wanted. Which was why the bedroom it had created for them held passages into each other.

 To improve teamwork, it began to use it's powers to add more images of the four of them with each other. While they would have their 'normal' sexual fantasies, the images of the other three would soon enter these fantasies.  The telepathy aided in adding these fantasies into the mind of it's owners. But it decided to wait until they had their own erotic fantasies before adding these elements.

 So when Sue continued to watch the porn and became aroused, the house moved and subtly lead her down the garden path the house needed her to go. While making sure to feature the house itself as well as a desire to see it, again subtle yet increasing in need.

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