What happens in the house

by colleem
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It was a simple house and even when it was in the better part of the city most people didn’t noticed it. It was old and not in the best shape. It was clear that it needed some care. The big door was closed with chains and most of the windows had cracks. The walls didn’t shine in the former white but looked dirty and weathered. Many citizens walked in front of the building but somehow it was just their. Not one of the shiny big skycratcher new york was famous for.  But it was still a beautiful building. Looking a bit like the old buildings that Hollywood movies used for movies. It was build in 1912 and was since then a part of the city. 
But nobody knew the truth. Suddenly something Changed inside the building. His last owner had finally passed away after a long and joyful life at the age of 109 years. The last eight years had been hard for the house and the owner. Living that long and getting so old had limited him greatly. The last eight years he wasn’t able to leave his bed and was unable to speak or move. His twenty two wife’s had tried their best to make him happy but it was clear that it was hopeless for him. 
Even with its great power the Spirit of the house wasn’t able to change reality. And one part of reality was that humans were getting older, could get ill or died in an accident. But bound to the owner meant that the house was a reflection of the owners own power. The stronger fitter and younger he was the better could the house help him. It had never wanted something else than make people happy. In the last thousand years the natives had used the spirit to prey for a good hunt and good weather. Then the white man came. One build a brothel on this place and the spirit learned that people loved Sex. And in his nature the spirit adapted this new concept. And since then each owner had lived a beautiful life full of woman and Sex. But not only the owner. Also the woman too. The spirit felt when someone evil tried to abuse the woman and changed that. Inside his walls the spirit would never a woman to be harmed. 
But now it was draining. It felt sad that his owner would fade away soon. The house would absorb his mind and give him a paradise that would even be better than his life. This was the last thank you for such a long time. But the spirit feared that it would never again find such a good host. And while the humans suffered in his bed the house lost its former glory and started to get dirty. Even some of the woman left the house and so his power faded away even faster. 
But then... Today... Everything changed. The spirit felt something it had never felt before. Not one but four owners. His former human had made a incredible deal. The energy that the sprit felt was like nothing it had ever felt. Three woman and one boy. The boy was only 18 years old but had the greatest power of them. But the woman were different. Each of them had an amazing willpower and strange abilities. Abilities that the ghost didn’t understand fully but it was happy that it had now new owners. 
The rooms inside the hose started to change as one after the other signed the contract. Dust vanished from the unused chairs and beds. The old wooden beds started to transform into new and modern beds. But this time the spirit felt that he had to make all four happy. For the Boy one entire stage transformed into a modern style with a lot of TV and computers. Posters of avengers and a big Sortiment of books appeared. 
One of the woman was military raised and so another stage became an gym with a spartan room and loots of reading possibilities. She would love it. 
The third person was a strong willed woman with a pure heart and true love. The house loved such persons. They represented the spirit of the house. One floor changed into a beautiful English manor with a lot of ancient items and a big fireplace. 
The last woman was a selfish woman which abused her skills for her personal gain and used her looks as a weapon in this world. For her the Building transformed one Floor into a modern penthouse with gold and silver. It would be luxurious and exactly what she would love. 
From the outside the changes went a bit slower. A subtle spell should prevent that someone would see how the building would regenerate and in a few minutes every Crack in the windows was gone and the building was clean and white. 
While the house used his newfound strength to make it more comfortable for his new owner it felt one of the woman getting aroused. It was the one with the greatest heart and the only one married. But soon she would understand that love meant so much more than a ring on the finger. Love meant to live inside the house and enjoy the life. Soon all if them would come to the house and the house would welcome everyone that her new owner would bring with them. 

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