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by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Gwenpool's Non-Canon Fourth Wall-Breaking Sextravaganza
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    Gwen Poole, known as the fourth-wall breaking, reality warping superheroine Gwenpool, was a little disoriented.  

    "Not so much disoriented as really annoyed right now," she said.  "I'm not quite sure what's going on."  

    She took a moment to compose herself, and took stock of her surroundings.  "Okay.  Having weird double perception issues... I see myself as myself, but I'm also seeing the world in terms of lines of text... Crap.  Am I in a fanfiction?"  She looked around the website.  "Superstories dot net... Oh damn it, it's a porn fanfiction on an addventure site.  Which means I gotta potentially deal with a different writer each chapter."  

    She huffed, looking down at her chest, which was inexplicably larger for some reason.  "Could be worse, I suppose.  The guy writing me is in to fat chicks and pregnant chicks, so I could have a big gut to go with my big boobs," she said.  She bounced them, giggling a little.  "Heh.  Squishy..."  She looked around at the rooftop she was on.

    "Hm... Well, I suppose it's not all bad," she said.  "I guess it's non-canon, so that gives me a bit more freedom.  I know I said I'd never do anything like my evil future me did, but I don't really have to obey that here."  She thought about it, and shook her head.  "Nah, I won't go on a murder rampage." 

    Instead, she'd go on a sexual rampage, seducing and having her way with anyone she met, as earlier, before the story began, she had accidentally been dosed with Purple Man's blood, which soaked into her skin, giving her his powers without his purple appearance.  

    "Oooh, that has potential," Gwenpool commented, rubbing her hands together.  "Okay, I can work with this.  Non-canon, so I don't have to worry about my vow to be good, plus I get to bang some of the heroes and hotties I've always admired..." She grinned wickedly.  "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Gwenpool's Non-Canon Fourth Wall-Breaking Sextravaganza!"  

    She blinked, looking at me.  "Really?  That's what we're going with?" 


    "Fine, fine, be that way," Gwenpool said, deciding on who her first lover should be.

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