Gwen leaves Mary Jane to deal with Peter.

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline The Devilish Women and the Queens of Sin
Previous Chapter Mary Jane becomes Lust

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"Oh, Peter!" Gwen cooed. "How are you?"

"Hey Gwen. What are you doing here?" he asked here.
"Just passing by and decided to check up on you two." she said with a cute smile. She then turned and faced MJ. Her eyes flashed yellow as she sent orders directly into MJ's brain. MJ nodded, understanding what to do.
"Well I better be on my way." Gwen said. "You two have...fun"
She put her mask back on and web swung out the window.
"What was that about?" Peter asked.
"Oh just some girl stuff. Speaking of which, tiger. I am hungry for some d." MJ sultry said, as she cupped Peter's dick, getting hard under his costume.

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Rebooted the story. Hope this fresh start will give you guys some ideas
Yang Xiao Long - 10/11/2017 10:07 PM
Can someone please help out with Devilish Women?
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I'm cool with that.
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