Gwen works her magic on another heroine

by Yang Xiao Long
Storyline The Devilish Women and the Queens of Sin
Characters Spider-Gwen Mary Jane Watson Storm Jubilee Psylocke
Previous Chapter Gwen leaves Mary Jane to deal with Peter.

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Gwen swung through the city, thinking about what heroines could make for strong queens of sin. She already had made May Jane into her Lust Queen, but still needed queens of Vanity, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, and Envy. She thought about all the heroines she could corrupt and taint. Then she noticed someone who could work perfectly. She was Janet van Dyne, aka the Wasp, and Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk. Gwen licked her lips at the sight of the two beauties. Janet was a fashion designer, but always modest about her looks, despite her beauty and She-Hulk had the same power as Hulk. She knew they would make for perfect embodiments of Vanity and Wrath respectively.

Swinging down she landed in front of them, and used her magic to give herself some pheromone powers to weaken their wills, and get them interested in her.
Psylocke walked through the X-Mansion. She thought of all the power she now had with the abilities of Mephisto. She eventually heard a squeaking sound. She walked down the hall and saw a door slightly open. She walked to the door, and opened it, and she was shocked at the sight.
"Ohhhh, oh yeah. harder, Please fuck me harder Storm!" Jubilee begged as Storm rode her ass with a large strap on. Jubilee turned and screamed in terror. "Betsy...W...what are you doing here?"
"My my, I didn't know you were into women, Jubilee. How about I join in. I'll show you.....a REAL good time." Psylocke said.
"I do have a spare dildo. You could use that" said the black woman with a mohawk.
Psylocke walked into the room, and closed the door behind her, she had some souls to claim.
Mary Jane rode Peter's dick. "Oh yeah, oh yeah!" Mary Jane moaned as Peter fucked her pussy, launching his load into her.
Peter lied on his back exhausted. "MJ, Let's stop, I don't think I can go anymore." he said.
"Oh, I think you can keep going. In fact....." she grinned. "You WILL keep going!" she said. Suddenly her clothes moved back to her taking the red and black camouflage pattern of her suit. She laughed an insane laugh as the symbiote formed a dick around her crotch.
The exhausted Peter gasped. "W..what are you doing with those?!"
"I am claiming you soul! My mistress will be pleased to have you as a sex toy!" she said dropping her facade. She picked him up with one hand and fired some webs to stick him to the wall. She stroked her symbiote dick and got it lined up with his ass. "You will be the first of my personal slaves, and once I claim you, that Black Cat bitch is next" MJ said, ready to fuck her husband.

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