Let us take a look what Purple man has done the last 5 Years

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Toy´s of Purple Man Version 2
Characters Purple Man
Previous Chapter History Lesson from Lois Lane

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5 years earlier.
Zebediah Killgrave was muttering to himself. He was in a specially made sound proof cell in a classified SHIELD location. he began pacing as he does as usual waiting for the guard to come by with his lunch just as a change of pace for the moment... when suddenly the entire building shook...the lights flickered causing the electronic lock to fail and the door opened.
Unfortunately for him, standing between him and the exit was a field keyed to his genetic signature that would neutralize him immediately. He didn't have a chance to think too much on this as suddenly he felt like his entire body was on fire. 
As he hunched over in pain, he noticed the color draining from his skin, as it slowly returned to it's original color. After a few minutes, he got back to his feet feeling different... and yet oddly normal.  
On a gambit he decided to test the field.... he stuck his hand out and cringed expecting the pain to shoot through him... and ... nothing.  He smiled as he stepped further in and stepped out of his cell.
"Well ain't this interesting." Zebediah said as he wandered down the hall.
"HALT!" A SHIELD Agent yelled at the escaped villain.
"Please drop your gun, and escort me to the exit." the Purpleman said.
"What?" the agent said.
"DROP YOUR GUN, AND ESCORT ME TO THE EXIT." the former Purpleman exclaimed.
"Freeze!" the agent responded again.
"Grr.... this makes things more difficult." Zeb said... "Ok, Ok, you got me." 
"What are you doing here?" the agent said.
"Uh... I'm lost?" Zebediah said realizing the agent had not recognized him.
"Right... let me just see here." The Agent said as she pulled out a scanner. "Hmm... seems to check out. Lot of weird things going on... keep your eyes down and I'll lead you to the exit sir."
"Oh that would be lovely." Killgrave responded as he left.
Zebediah realized that his skin tone has been returned to normal, and the only purple that remains was his irises in exchange his powers seemed to disappear. He can only assume it had to do with the mumbo jumbo of a parallel universe cross over.
However, this seemed to only be a temporary setback... a few months of exhaustive training and his powers slowly returned to him... a full year later he managed to return to full power... and then he began his quest for revenge. 
He started small contacting SHIELD agents slowly ingratiating himself among them... letting them know that Dr. Zachary Violet is a benevolent and trustworthy psychiatrist. 

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