History Lesson from Lois Lane

by colleem
Storyline Toy´s of Purple Man Version 2
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Lead article by Lois Lane.


Five years have passed since the world changed fundamentally. We all remember how it started five years ago. But I have to disagree with that, because actually only half of them know, since I am from another universe. Because that's what we are, two different universes fused and woven together in a strange way. But one thing at a time. As I said, today we celebrate the five-year anniversary of the great victory over Thanos and Galactus. It was a fight that the Avengers couldn't actually win. Thanos had several of the Infinity stones under his control. He had control over the Stone of Power, the Stone of Mind and the Stone of Time. With 3 Infinity stones he was the most powerful creature in the universe. He had often tried to conquer the earth or even destroy it and had been defeated by the Avengers every time. But this time it looked rather bad for our heroes. Even the most powerful heroes in the world had to unite all the forces they could find. The Fantastic Four, the New Avengers, the X-Men, the military, and even some of the most powerful villains on this planet formed a powerful alliance they sent against Thanos.


Thanos had been on Earth only for one reason, because he was about to collect the next Infinity Stone. The Stone of Reality.


While the rest of the Avengers and the other heroes tried to stop Thanos and Galactus, Ironman left the battle and returned to Earth.


Ironman was about to use the Stone of Reality against Thanos. He was aware that the power of this stone was far too dangerous for a single living being to control it. But he had no choice. The only one who really knew about such power was Dr. Strange, but he himself was in combat and had been seriously injured. Toni was aware that there were other realities besides his own. What he was planning to do was find another reality that was capable of taking on Thanos. He himself had to admit that this hope was relatively low. But when he took the Stone of Power in his hand, he felt that it was far too big for a mortal being, no matter how big Tony Stark's ego really was. He was not able to control the power of the stone, not even at first glance. The primal instinct, or rather the desire Tony Stark had, was implemented on a subconscious level. While Toni collapsed into a heap of drooling, unconscious masses, some astonishing things were suitable in orbit.


While the Avengers fought against Thanos, a gigantic space station suddenly appeared next to them. She was well and gladly three times the size of the Sword space station the Shield in orbit operation. Sword was the most powerful space station mankind had ever built, but it had not been able to withstand the attack of Thanos for even five minutes. While this gigantic space station appeared right next to the fighting one, the fight stopped for a few seconds. Thanos immediately suspected a kind of weapon directed against him and used the Stone of Power to direct a bundled energy beam directly against the station. To his astonishment, however, the beam bounced off an enormously powerful energy barrier that apparently surrounded the station. This barrier consisted of a green light and seemed to be generated from inside the station. Only seconds later, the station opened a massive barrage of light and medium energy weapons that hit the Titan unexpectedly hard. Galactus was also hit by heavy weapons and, although they could not really hurt him, they stop at least the action of the galactic planetary eater. This gave the Avengers and the others a long and extremely urgent respite. As always, Captain America was the first to react. On an open frequency, the following words are now being broadcast throughout schools.


This is Captain America to the unknown space station. I hope you're here to help us fight these two creatures. We're here to protect the planet and all seven billion inhabitants below us. We would be happy to see you fighting alongside us, no matter who you are, protect them.


It'll take a few seconds for Captain America to get an answer.


This is the Watchtower of the Justice League. Captain America we're here to protect the inhabitants of planet Earth. Pull back and we'll start barrage fires.


Only seconds later, you could see how more than 50 elegant streamlined fighter jets emerged from the station. Each of them seemed to be armed with strong impulse laser weapons that opened a massive bundled fire on Thanos and Galactus.

Even though it was unlikely that these weapons could hurt the two of them at all, most of the wounded Avengers were able to retreat. Captain America was sure that this kind of reinforcement would not be enough to defeat them, but he had no idea what else would come.


Shortly afterwards, some humans or human-like beings left the space station. They seemed to be able to exist in space without wearing a space suit. Most of them wore red or red blue uniforms with a waving cape, one of them wore a skintight green glowing suit. The leader of them seemed to be a tall, tall, broad man who flew forward with a golden S on his chest. They didn't seem to use any kind of technology to overcome gravity or move forward.



The leader of him crashed directly into Thanos and to everyone's amazement he seemed to be able to absorb for a few seconds with the physical strength of Thanos. However, once Thanos activated the power of the makes stone, this fighter was hopelessly defeated as well. Together with the new heroes from the space station, the Avengers Thanos managed to distract as long as Thor OdinSon was able to sneak up behind Taunus and unbalanced the Titan with a Godlike blow of his mighty hammer. Hulk, on the other hand, was too angry to watch out for any strategy or tactics and just hit him. The combination of these two attacks was enough to distract Thanos so long that Natasha Romanoff could steal the stone of the spirit from Thano's glove.


Without the Infinity stones that had blown up his power so far, it was impossible for him to continue to stand up to his superiority. To top it all off, he's lost control of Galactus. The last thing you saw of Thanos was how the hand of Galactus closed around him and teleported both beings away. Theoretically, the Earth was now saved. However, it soon became clear that it was impossible to separate the two worlds again, as Dr. Strange kept all the Infinity stones for himself and teleported them to remote corners of the universe. He was of the opinion that it was impossible to decouple both worlds from each other and restore every reality for himself. That was because Tony Stark had expressed a wish far too generally.



And now we're standing here five years later. What has changed? I count all things that have changed since the levels of fusion.


The world's population has grown from 7 billion to about ten billion people. This is because only a certain quantity of people has been brought from one reality to another. Scientists believe that this is because a large part of the population in both universes was completely identical.


As a further indication that the levels of fusion have taken place, New York City now had two sister cities. This was my hometown Metropolis and the dark city of Gotham. While Gotham City has remained a self-sufficient urban area on the other side of New York City, two and a half years ago it was decided to unite Metropolis and New York City. The newly founded city is called New Metropolis. This is the headquarters of some of the world's most powerful heroes, the Avengers, Fantastic Four, Superman, Star Labs and many other organizations that are extremely important to humanity.



Scientists can't exactly explain it, but not only places and people have been moved from one reality to another, but also assets. This led to the fact that several mega companies were fighting in one fell swoop for dominance on the stock market. On the one hand there are the Stark Industrial, Wayne-Tec, Lex Corp., Fantastic Company and of course the Star Lap. None of these groups were able to win a major trade war against the others in the long term. Therefore, the cooperation decided to take an interesting step, namely the unification of different companies. While Wayne Tec joined forces with Tony Stark to form a mega-group called Stark-Wayne Tec, Lex Corp took over large parts of Fantastic Corporation and brought many of Richards' inventions to market maturity. While most of the Fantastic Four's technologies continued to be abstract and theoretical constructs that weren't mass-capable, Lex Corp always found new methods of bringing certain things to market.


This led to Lex Corb swallowing the Star lab in 2016 and taking up Microsoft. It is now at the forefront of the world's trading power and the only rivalries left to fear are Stark-Wayne Tec.



Geopolitically, too, things have changed. Wakanda, home of the Black Panther and the only source of Vibranium on this planet, has now completely cut itself off from humanity. Every attempt to enter the country is answered with deadly violence. Various free dictators countries, such as Dr. Doom's homeland, have closed themselves off from each other according to international law and have consolidated their place in the United Nations to such an extent that they are almost invulnerable without triggering a worldwide war. It's an open secret of Doctor Doom tolerates some of the world's most powerful super villains in his country as long as they abide by his rules there. A free sanctuary for super villains.


The Justice League and the Avengers are the two largest superheroes groups on the planet. This naturally meant that they had to come to terms with each other, because even if they stand up for the same goal, their methods are completely different. While the Justice League under Superman and the Justice League Council insist that all superheroes must abide by the laws of the respective nation, Tony Stark takes a slightly different view. His Avengers are often criticized for acting on their own authority and not adhering to any laws of the region by using them. This naturally leads to the Avengers being able to act much more flexibly and autonomously, and most of the time using this advantage for the benefit of all people. However, the two organisations have already collided on one or two occasions.




Here, of course, is the 2015 fight in which the Hulk Superman challenged and subsequent fight almost put New York City in ruins and ashes unforgotten. Shortly afterwards, the Justice League cut all official ties to the Avengers because they perceived them as a threat to humanity. Only a massive attack by doomsday made sure that both organizations reconciled again in 2016. Meanwhile, it had become clear that both parties had a certain right to exist on this planet and that sometimes one or the other method had certain advantages. Nevertheless, there has been a constant mix-up within the members of the Justice League. While here and there were some permanent members of the Justice League invited to the Avengers, it also happened that the Justice League asked the Avengers if they could lend one or the other hero for a mission.



So now, five years after the levels of fusion, we are living in a relatively new world that is no longer the same for either of the two inhabitants. There were riots, racial hatred, insurrection, local riots and an increase in super villains. However, by and large, humanity, according to the polls, believes that this is better for the world if both worlds see themselves as one. To what extent the levels of fusion have changed the rest of the universe cannot yet be said. There are rumors that I also affected the planes of fusion on the rest of the universe. For example, the Green Lantern Choir, the Galactic Police from my universe, is still present.



And now a final word from me.


as you know, I myself come from the universe inhabited by the Justice League. I have been living in this universe for five years now and have settled here relatively well. I think it is generally better for both universes that we now appear as one universe. Obviously, make sure the official opinion is that the growth of super villains is extremely threatening to this planet, but I strongly believe that the Justice League and the Avengers together can continue to protect this planet. I hope that the next five years will be calmer than the first five years and that humanity will come together and strive for something bigger. I find it extremely impressive how quickly certain parties have united on this planet and are fighting for the good of humanity. Thanks to fantastic LexCorp, it is almost extinct that somewhere on this planet a human being has to suffer from hunger, as LexCorp has taken over certain food production technologies from Fantastic Korb and has brought them to market maturity. Also the fact of overpopulation of the planet will probably be done in the next few years, as I see Stark-Wayne Tec has dedicated to the goal of colonizing Mars. They are supported by the almost lying member John, who knows the Master t like his vest pocket.


I hope that humanity will grow with this task and transform it into a bright future that few people have been cautious about. The government believes that the superheroes should be controlled by now, but all these attempts have been refused so far. As long as the superheroes keep to the laws of the country according to their own promises and do not become executioners, the governments of the world have promised to respect their autonomy. It's far too important to know that Superman or Tony Stark will one day be more of a threat than you're really messing with the whole organization. Shield has been given new powers and a permanent seat on the Justice League Council. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Louis Lane of the New Daily Planet and I wish you a nice day to celebrate it the Plain Merging Day as you wish, however, keep in mind that we are now a world.



Justice League Watchtower


What do you mean, she's changed industries?


Superman looked at his colleague and smiled at him.


By this I mean that your company was not involved in the merger and it has not managed to gain a foothold in this world financially. She worked for a while with Wayne Tec and also with Wayne Tec, but she didn't think she belonged to either one of them. Now she has decided to take on a more tranquil life in her normal life and plays a secretary for a psychologist. Does your problem have to be Berry?


Flash looked at his buddy and grinned broadly


Where my problem is? hello we're talking about Power Girl! I'm used to her walking around and I enjoy her presence! I appreciate her presence and her advice


Green Lantern joined in and grinned much wider


Yes, you appreciate her advice and presence. Do you really believe that bullshit thing? You're a hot one for her cleavage.


And as if none of you had noticed,


Hello, we're talking about my cousin's.


Yeah, then you're just out of it or too stupid for that.


Did you just call me... where did he go? Asked Superman, but Flash had long since moved on and had fled from the cipher's reaction.


Green Lantern and Superman both had to grin about this reaction because it was absolutely typical for Flash. However, both found it a bit sad that Karen didn't manage to rebuild her old company in this world. However, they were satisfied that she was relatively well paid in her new job, was able to revive her civilian life and apparently even had fun with it. Shield, of course, had taken a close look at the psychologist and thought that the psychologist was absolutely safe and didn't know who Power Girl really was.  The psychologist had no idea that his new secretary, Karen Starr, was actually the clone of Super Girl. Power Girl. Originally created as a biological weapon of war against the Justice League, the members of the group had managed to free her in time before she was brainwashed. Even in her own world, it had taken some time for her to cope with her role as a copy of the original. However, it soon turned out that due to their accelerated growth and the artificially guided memory, both individuals had developed completely different. Due to some gene defect in the creation of the clone, it had occurred that the original differed markedly from the copy physically. Power Girl was now famous for being one of the hottest superheroes in the world. The Playboy has probably asked more than a million times if she could not put some kind of power girl at least on the front cover. At the last inquiry, Karren had just shaken one of the buildings a little bit so that she hadn't gotten any more requests since then.

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