Nightwing tries to unplug the computer

by Anzaleth
Storyline The Online Questionnaire
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This was getting too crazy. Dick had to stop it!

He grabbed the cord, trying to unplug the computer. He pulled and pulled, but it just wouldn't come out.
As he was tugging, he heard the buzzer sound again, and felt a tingling. It had chosen something!
Batman entered the room to see Rikki, his girlfriend, bent over the back of the computer, tugging on the cord.
She was dressed in most of her Robin outfit, including the green shorts that barely contained her big juicy buttcheeks and the right red top that strained against her huge tits.
She looked pretty saucy bent over like that, her tits almost brushing the floor, her ass jiggling back and forth.
Rikki Grayson squeaked as Batman gave her butt a big spank!

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