First Up, Nightwing

by Megumi
Storyline The Online Questionnaire
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Dick Graycon was working on the bat computer.  Ironically, he was updating Batman’s protection from hackers when it happened.  The screen went blank for a second, then a large question mark appeared.  Next it turned black, except text appeared on the screen as though being typed in realtime: 

“I have questions for you!”

First Question:

What colour is your hair?

A timer appeared in the centre, just below the question.  It timed down for 10 seconds.  Underneath were three selection boxes labelled: red, yellow, and brown.

“My hair isn’t any of those.  Is this a riddle,” he asked himself.  “If it is then Edward Nygma is getting lazy.”  The Riddler was his first guess for a culprit.  

Nightwing just let the time run out.  There was a buzzer sound, indicating that was the wrong thing to do.  The three selection boxes flashed back and forth for a few seconds, then settled on red.

He felt a tingling sensation in his scalp.

Next Question:

How curly is your hair? 

Again there was a ten second timer.  the options were:  curls, ringlets, waves.

“My hair is straight.”  Said he.  He picked ringlets, wanting some control.  Again Nightwing’s scalp tingled.

Next Question:

How long is your hair?

The options were:  neck, shoulders, thighs.

“Seriously, who has hair down to their thighs.”

Nightwing didn’t even answer, instead using the time to run for a mirror instead.  When he reached one, his worries were confirmed.  As he stared at his ringlets of titian hair, a buzzer sounded in the distance and it began to grow.  Dick rushed back to the computer.  He would have barely any time.  Fortunately whoever doing this seemed to be starting small.  The next question would probably just be a list of hairstyles, but damned if he was going to let it put him in pigtails.

When he reached the computer he was shocked to find the question wasn’t about hair.

Next Question

What are you to Bruce Wayne?

The options were:  daughter, mistress,  trophy wife.

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