Carol decides to explore another part of the house on her own leaving Sue on her own.

by Jazze
Storyline Sexy Loci
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Carol decided to leave Sue on her own since she wouldn't do something crazy. Carol walked out of the room and five minutes later Sue shook herself out of her embarassment. Looking around Sue saw that Carol had left her alone. Sue looked around and saw the stairs going up.

'Carol must have rejoined Peter and Emma.'

The beautiful woman walked up the stairs and approached a door that was partially open. She heard Emma's and Peter's voices. Going invisible she decided to listen in on the conversation.

"So Mr Parker, What are your fantasies?" Emma asked.

"Well since we have a hot, blonde teacher teaching my class the boys in class have been leering at her large assets up top and when she writes something on the board they boys stare at her firm rear. The teacher even though she dresses according to standards shows how sexy and hot she is despite her clothes." Sue see Peter just grin sheepishly. "I had to shake myself to prevent me from doing it a few times. Main reasons I don't drool over her like a dog with a bone is she's a teacher and she's taken. Not to mention I have a girlfriend."

Sue had to admit it wasn't a bad storyline.

"So the hot, sexy teacher is off limits for those reasons." Sue watched Peter walk over to teacher's desk standing over her. "Until one day. Either I follow my girlfriend since she's been acting strange or the teacher calls me in for a private talk. The end result is the same. I see my now ex-girlfriend cheating on me by getting screwed by another man and not just another man but my teacher's boyfriend or husband or the private talk is her showing me the pictures the private detective she hired took showed of them enjoying themselves in bed."

'Ok. I admit it's not bad but it sounds like Peter is a lot better than the Spider Mistress Emma claims he wrote unless...' Sue just scowled.

'...he didn't write it.' Sue just stood there quietly listening in to Peter's fantasy as she promised herself to ask Peter if did write the horrible story. Thinking about the pool room and the swimsuits she knew how to ask him.

Now all she had to do was lure him down there.

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