Carol is looking around on her own...

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Sexy Loci
Previous Chapter Carol decides to explore another part of the house on her own leaving Sue on her own.

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Sue made her way down stairs and went into the locker room.  She looked at some of the spare bathing suits that had been left and sorted them out.  She found a black one piece with a deep V opening down the front of the chest, but it still wasn’t right…

Deep in the heart of the House, the house knew what she wanted, and it would provide.

Sue found another black one-piece suit.  It had the deep v cut in the front, the 80’s shoulders, and even small decorative studs on the shoulders.  It was like someone had copied that disgusting dress Pychoman conned her into wearing as Malice.  She wondered what kind of reaction she would get from Peter when he saw her in this outfit!


Carol entered the club room on the ground floor, she was skeptical about vague but intriguing description that Emma and Sue had given of the room.  It did indeed look like a club room like they had in the 1950’s, and it had various alternative pieces of furniture spaced around the floor.  Carol spotted a set of painting on the wall.  They featured naked blonde women, naked blonde women that looked a lot like Sue, Carol and Emma.  Each one featured a pair of them, Carol looked at the ones with her and Sue, then her and Emma.  Nothing seemed to happen.  Carol breathed.

“I would have sworn the way those were freaked out that the paintings came to life or something,” Carol said to herself, “Oh well. What is that?”

Carol noticed a new fixture that she hadn’t seen on her first sweep of the room.  It was a brass statue of a woman in uniform saluting.  At first Carol couldn’t place the woman, but she seemed familiar.

“Enchantress?” Carol tossed out the guess.


Amora didn’t know what was going on, but she felt a siren’s spell calling her into the building.  She used her magic to render her invisible to the sight of monsters and mortals, but she didn’t know that the spirit of the building could see her mind, heart and soul as she entered.  She saw the blonde Kree tool exit the fire stairs and make her way into the back room of the ground floor.  Amora followed and was impressed, almost all of the room was soaked in powerful magic.  She followed the Human Kree hybrid around as Carol inspected the various furnishings of the room.  She watched as the mortal stared at the paintings of blonde sluts.  Then they turned around, they were confronted by a brass statue.  Amora noticed that it appeared to be a visage of her in a mortal’s military uniform.  Amora could tell that the whole thing was nothing but pure magic, she doubted that you could even touch it, but she found herself staring at it along with Carol. 


The statue came to life, it’s base melted and allowed for the spirit to show the two women what it wanted.  The self-titled ‘Enchantress’ thought that she was immune to the spell being woven, but she was already being rewritten by the vision unfolding.  The Brass Enchantress held her salute until a miniature Captain Carol Danvers walked up and returned the salute, both dropped their salutes as Captain Danvers took a spot next to the uniformed Enchantress.  Both women saluted as a brass man in a uniform walked up to the two.  The man returned the salute and both women dropped their salutes.  Amora’s and Carol’s mind registered that they should respect the man and obey his orders.  Both woman leaned closer and noticed the brass man was Peter Parker and his uniform was adorned with small spider patches instead of unit crests.  The brass statues conveyed that the Brass General Parker gave the two women an order and both women snapped salutes, re-enforcing that Parker should be obeyed in the women’s brains.  They watched as their brass representations took off their hats, removed their jackets and opened their blouses.  The two brass figures began making out for General Parker’s amusement.  Another order and the two began to strip their pants and blouses entirely and then the two went to strip General Parker’s Jacket and pants.  Both women started fishing his cock out of his pants and started sucking on it together.  The women watching were bombarded with a lust and sexual obedience to Parker.


“Obey Master Peter,” Carol moaned absent mindedly.

“Love and Obey Master,” Amora breathed.

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