Beast Boy gets a scent

by burke_rakers
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   It was...all going just as it should have. 

   Wasn't it? 
   They'd...tracked something...to someplace...then something had happened...somehow. 
   So confusing. So...confusing.
   Not that it mattered. After all...she had her boys to keep happy.
   She chuckled. Laughed, actually. She always laughed, and that laugh was both sinister and joyous in its' eternal consistency. She laughed as she paced the cell she lived in. She laughed as the two females/not-females fed her, and she really laughed as her two 'husbands' were introduced to her cell. Or rather...their cell. They each mounted her in turn, and she laughed and whooped in glee as her womb was pimped full of semen. She was so happy! So...
   "Bud? Lou? Come here, you two." Said the big man. Alfred, he was called. Not as important as Harley or Pammy, but more important then the two girls/not-girls. He was here...and so was the other. She was big, fat and so intimidating...yet also so gentle. She knew she loved and trusted her, and would never threaten her. She groveled on her belly as the big woman stood over her, and the big woman smiled, held out a special treat for her, and said "Oh! Why Bev, you wonderful! So beautiful. Jus' so perfect and sweet."
   She was beautiful. A big, healthy female hyena with spotted fur the color of healthy limes. Around her neck was a collar studded with peridots, jades and emeralds, and 'Bev' in bold lettering. 
   Bev. Short for 'Beverly'. As in 'Beverly Garland'.
   She shook it away. She was Bev. She, Bud and Lou were the pampered pets of...
   (Harley Quinn! The rest of the team! Where were they? She wasn't just an animal. Just a stupid animal. Why couldn't she shape shift back to human form? She had to get out. Had to...
   A big bucket of fresh, bloody meat was dumped into the troth next to the big water dish, and she tried to resist. But Bud and Lou...wonderful, loving mates...offered her the most tempting and tender morsels...and she went for them. Soon, she was licking blood off her paws with ladylike grace. She was Bev. Her males were Bud and Lou. They Nuzzled her with genuine affection, and again...she felt herself drifting away. An animal. Beloved, fed and well cared for, but still...just an animal. Just a simple animal. She noticed something else was wrong, but dismissed it outright. Not important. Eating, sleeping, fucking and grooming...that was important.
   She watched the former Garfield Logan nuzzle her new husbands, and she smiled. She'd been 'Fatso' at first, but once back at the mansion she'd found the man of her dreams. A big, solid man who loved her...and she had to abandon her identity for him. Alfred Pennyworth couldn't be married to a simple woman named 'Fatso'...he had to have someone worthy of him. Someone like...
   Dick Grayson. Richard Grayson. Richard...
   Regina Pennyworth waddled into the kitchen. The place she controlled utterly and ruled over like a benevolent dictator. Her son and daughter were there. Victor Pennyworth (Cyborg had been too deliciously 'manly' to lose) looked so distinguished and handsome in his butlers uniform...just like his father. Walena Pennyworth (once Kid Flash) was dark skinned, redhaired, and almost as big as her mother, and her kitchen staff uniform flaunted the thick curves and rolls she tempted the world with as she slowly waddled about. They smiled at their parents...and Regina loved them both. Everyone was so happy and wonderful. Life was so good. Still...the weren't quite done with them...and the three that were left were going to be so fun to prepare. She called to them, and the three...boys...scampered towards her with confused yet hopeful looks on their faces. They were boys, but only 'just'. They were slim and feminine in shape, but the large penises and obvious Adams apple...the short, tousled 'metrosexual' hair. The narrow hips and larger hands and...well, there were a hundred 'tells' she could identify. They carried themselves like girls, dressed like girls and tried to move like girls...but it was a sham.
   "Nightwing! What's going on? I'm...we're just so confused..."
   The tallest one. Dark haired and handsome, even with the girlish movements. His name was...   
   "Troy, let's not bring up old lies. You...are Troy. You were Wonder Bio, but now...you're just Troy. Troy was a hero as well as a slutty, surgery-crafted shemale, but now...Troy is an assistant butler. Troy has a nice rack - surgery and hormones, you know - but you also have a huge cock, and love to use it. Ladies? Gentlemen? You don't care."
   Donna Try looked down...saw the splendid beefy sausage in his Wonder Bio tights...and blushed. 
   "You are Cory. You were Starfire...because you were the star of the show. You know you're the best and the most important, next to the senior staff, of course. You're bronze skin is the result of years of dedicated sun worship and tanning. You've decided to abandon heroics, in favor of being the most epic, tits n' dick bitch-stud the world has ever seen. Like your friend and lover Troy, you want to be an assistant butler."
   Cory smiled and flexed his well-muscled body. He was indeed his own unique flavor. Men? Women? What did it matter? He exchanged a sly glance with Troy, and they both smiled. 
   "Nightwing...resist this terrible..."
   "Raven...you're a pervert. All your mystical mumbo-jumbo and magical hooy is just a stumbling block. On your path of sexual perfection. Troy is a boi-next-door and Cory is a beach stud-babe, but you...are a sultry, seductive man-whore. You're dick has no standards. Your ass has no boundaries. Your boobs crave the touch of strangers and your mind is a tantric playground. You will fuck anyone or anything with joyous abandon, knowing that the act of fucking and sucking is an end unto itself. Understand?"
   Raven looked shocked, then confused, and finally... predatory. He-she stretched like a panther and blinked his-her six eyes...sweat dappled his-her red skin. Raven was both incubus and succubus in one package, and the smile flashed back at her was filled with sharp teeth.
   "So...as I was saying...I have positions open...for three slutty studs who want to work, but love to play. Anyone interested?"
   They looked great in their uniforms. So manly yet also so feminine that the only word that adequately described them was 'handsome'. Their tuxedos were cut and tailored to flaunt their best features, and they couldn't wait till the wedding. Each planned to fuck every guest, and they laughed and carried on like high spirited frat brothers...yet all three also did their jobs just as Alfred and Victor taught them, knowing that this was the job they'd always wanted.
   Oswalda had to confess the Batsy and Jojo - as simple and silly as they were - were excellent dancers as well as singers, who dedicated themselves to their craft when ordered to, and who wanted so much to please their owners that they simply would not let themselves fail. Over and over they worked out routine after routine, until finally...
   "Stop! You bitches gotta stop this shit right now!"
   Batsy, Jojo and Oswalda stopped in mid-dance step. "Wagh...um, is something displeasing you, mistress? I'll drive them harder if you wish..."
   "Naw. I got other shit to do back at th' mansion. I gotta confess, you fuckin' bimbos...you're really doin' an okay job."
   There was a pause, before the realization settled in. Pammy - impossible to please and demanding as hell - had honestly liked what they'd done. Oswalda and the two bimbos jumped for joy for a second, all barriers lost in the moment...before manners took over. Batsy and Jojo curtsied cutely to Oswalda, before scampering after the mistress like a pair of toy poodles. Pammy didn't pick up a single shopping bag, allowing her groveling maids to gather everything up as she strut-waddled to the car. She plucked a cigarette from a silver case emblazoned with a rebel flag, and as she slipping into her thick, pouty lip. Batsy lit it for her while Jojo opened the limo door. The clothes were put in the trunk, and they scampered into the back to pour her a drink and anticipate her needs and wants.

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