Barbara Gordon tries to escape, but is she leaping from the frying pan into the fire?

by Anzaleth
Storyline Master PC 2.9
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Barbara “Gilbert” snuck out of her window and scampered across the lawn.

The Gilberts were the new family she'd been sent to – crazy Christian fundamentalists who spoke in tongues, didn't allow any computers, and felt that a woman's only job was to serve her husband and birth lots of good babies.

Her new father had explained that life to her in a lot of detail, and she wasn't going to have anything to do with it.

Barbara had hidden her “Halloween Batgirl” costume under her bed. She didn't understand exactly why, but it seemed important to her – though she remembered it being nicer. It was confusing. She remembered growing-up being bounced around various orphanages and foster homes, but she also occasionally had hints of something else. Certain things that seemed important – like an image of Commissioner Gordon or of stately Quinn Manor.

Right now all she knew is that she needed to get away from the Gilberts.

And go where?

Barbara adjusted her Halloween costume. Somehow the bat mask made her feel more confident. If she only knew what it was for. Now if she could just figure out what to do next....

The frightened girl scampered into the night.

* * *

All of the old Bruce Wayne things had been gotten rid of. Alfred and Batsy had devotedly destroyed them one piece at a time and now stately Quinn Manor had been renovated to match the master's sensibilities. The inside favoured lots of reds and blacks, with numerous carnival-themed statues and paintings, and extravagant furniture. The whole thing looked like a weird combination of the Queen of Hearts' palace, a circus, and a New Orleans bordello, with plenty of paintings of Harley Quinn looking very impressive for everyone to faun over her.

Now she was turning the former Batcave into her “Fun Dungeon,” where she could indulge all sorts of kinky games. In this Harley was taking a lot of advice from Raven, who had proven to be one of the most creative and sophisticated perverts Harley knew (and Harley knew many perverts, and would likely know many more). They were having a lot of fun putting the thing together.

Pam was excited about all the servants. She loved this small army of maids and butlers her pudding had hired for to cater to her every need. Pam especially enjoyed bossing around the black maid Regina and her two children. It was fun seeing them jump. But Pam also enjoyed toying with all the handsome, well-hung butlers. It was so nice. Harley took such care of her.

Alfred also enjoyed his plump loving wife, his lovely children, and the army of servants he commanded. Some thing took some work, like how the green hyena Bev seemed constantly in heat and sometimes had to be prevented from humping people's legs, but generally it was terrific. In charge of all these people with Batsy and Jojo at the bottom, getting fucked by everyone else.

* * *

And now it was time for the wedding of Harley Quinn and her lady love Pamela Isley. Everybody who was anybody arrived at Quinn Manor. There were such a wide variety of cars belonging to Gotham's rich and powerful – and its horny and perverted.

All of the Quinn servants scampered back and forth – taking people's coats, pouring them drinks, showing them where to go.

In particular, Batsy and Jojo were kept very busy indeed. It was a good thing their chastity belts were securely on, otherwise they probably would be spurting all over the place. They were so excited to be flower-girls; it was going to be so beautiful. And then to do a pretty dance for the whole audience. And then Master Quinn promised that the two of them would be bent over and all their holes would be vigorously fucked over and over for the enjoyment of the guests. It was going to be so sweet!

Troy was enjoying seeing all these nice new guests as well, but the butler admittedly wasn't paying attention to all the handsome men and beautiful woman as he normally would. He couldn't stop thinking about Wonder Woman. God, she as the most gorgeous person in the world. Troy could only guess what it would be like to thrust his cock deep into that divine cunt....

Harley Quinn was shaking a lot of hands and Pamela was getting her hand kissed a lot. Everyone was telling them how lucky they were and what a great day it was.

Harley agreed, and she was just getting started.

In fact, an old “friend” of hers would be showing up soon. Amanda Waller had put Harley through so much horrible shit making her be a member of the Suicide Squad, and Harley had an extra-special punishment planned for that bitch.

* * *

Barbara had snuck into the mansion grounds through the forest and was trying to hide in the shadows. She looked at all of these crowds of people.

“Daddy! Daddy! I want one!” the voice was petulant and bratty.

“In a minute, Renee,” Commissoner Gordon said to his spoiled daughter.


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