Emma Frost

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline The full Hucow Database
Characters Emma Frost Absolutely Everyone
Category Body Modification Bondage Corruption Female Dom Breeding Mind control
Previous Chapter Someone from a Marvel/DC world finds it

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Today at the Xavier School for the gifted we find it's headmistress Emma Frost in her office. Emma gives a board sigh looking over various pieces of paperwork and mission reports from the X-men. In simple terms Emma was bored very bored with how slow it had been recently.

"You would think the mansion not being attacked or some world ending apocalypse that things would be relaxing be instead they're just boring." Emma laments.With nothing better to do she decides to look through her desk to see if there was anything left over from Charles.


Looking through the desk drawers for something she finds an external hardrive embeded with a crystal. Emma picks it up finding such a find rather curious."Now what do we have here." Emma remarks as she picks it up only for the crystal to begin to glow. She goes to trow the hardrive but it's to late as she's entranced by the light. Without thinking she plugs the drive into her computer. Emma then accesses the files from the hardrive which further hypnotizes her.Now fully under the programs control Emma starts accessing more and more of hardrive's database, showing her images of a world of women serving as livestock becoming entrenched in her psyche of how things should be. Images of women on farms as cowgirls, ponygirls pulling carriages, guard-doggirls watching over livestock or guarding property.More and more being beamed into her psyche but as she viewed image after image the faces on the various livestock women began to change to that of people Emma knew such as, various super heroines, villainesses, and her fellow female mutants as livestock and beasts of burden. 

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JimmyKasche - 9/16/2018 2:07 PM
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