Let's see what the House does.

by Jazze
Storyline Sexy Loci
Previous Chapter Carol is looking around on her own...

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The house was looking at Peter Parker and the four women in there as they walked through the rooms. Peter and Emma were roleplaying the dominating male student and sexy submissive teacher in the classroom. Carol was looking at the brass figures of Peter and herself and the Enchantress enjoying themselves. Little did Carol know that Amora was invisible and watching the human and the brass figures enjoy themselves. The last person was Susan Richards and she was using a razor and shaving cream to ensure that the black one-piece fit nice and snug against her body.

Everything was going so well but there were little hiccups that need to be taken care of. The biggest hiccup was that Sue was still married to Reed and that had to be taken care of. So the main question would be how to take care of Sue's marriage to Reed.

Of course the house would take care of the marriage after Sue fulfilled her fantasy of cheating on Reed with Peter. After all that was what Sue wanted and she was part owner of the house.

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