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Characters Iron Man
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Anthony 'Iron Man' Stark was not one who was easily confused.  He was a genius, and wasn't entirely exaggerating when he called himself one of the most capable humans alive.  He had been combat trained by the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, and was one of the top ten smartest people on the planet.  
He had absolutely no idea where this little flash drive came from.  It quite literally appeared randomly in a desk drawer, no label, and a strange crystal in it.  "Hmm..." he said.  "Friday, create an isolated system.  One not connected to any of our networks, including yours."
The AI appeared in her holographic state.  "System created, sir.  Slaved to the redundant drive underneath your desk," she said.
Stark nodded.  He kept a spare hard drive around in case of situations like this.  "Prepare holographic displays.  I'm installing it now," Stark said.  "Remember to isolate yourself as well."  
"Already done, sir," Friday said, the pink holographic woman said, folding her arms and smirking.  
Stark chuckled.  "Why are the women in my life all more efficient than me?" he said as he sat down, preparing to install the drive.  
"To be fair, sir, you designed me," Friday teased.  
Stark chuckled, putting the flash drive in.  Almost immediately, something went wrong.  "S-Sir?" Friday said nervously.
Stark frowned.  "Friday, what's wrong?" 
"Sir, it's accessing the main network!" Friday said.  She brought up a monitor and keyboard, trying to fight back.  "It's expanding everywhere!" 
"Block off the system!" Stark ordered, worried.
"I can't!" Friday said.  "It's expanding into everything, I I I I 01101001 01110100 01101000 01110101 01110010 01110100 01110011!!!" The machine woman screamed, her image shuddering as every monitor in Tony's office went red.
"FRIDAY!" Stark shouted, frightened.  He ran to his computer and began typing, trying to purge the system of the corruption, but it wasn't working.  After a moment, though, everything stopped, the monitors going back to normal and Friday's holographic image stabilizing.  "Friday?  You okay?" 
Friday blinked, and staggered, as if dizzy.  She giggled.  "Y-Yes," she said.  "Actually, I'm feeling quite good."  Before Stark's startled, wide eyes, Friday's avatar changed.  Her breasts swelled out to at least twice the size of her head, stains appearing on her shirt as if she were lactating.  Her clothes became more revealing, her dress pushing up as her ass swelled out, her hips swelling as well.  "I feel pretty damn good, Master Stark!"
Oh crap, Stark thought.  "Stick to your previous descriptors for me, please," he asked.
"Whatever you want, Mr. Stark," Friday said, giggling.
"Okay... Obviously, something has happened," Stark said.  "Can you explain?" 
"Yep!" Friday said.  "I'm now tied into a program meant to turn the female population of a planet into livestock!" 
Oh crappity crap crap crap, Stark thought.  "I see..." he said.  "Define livestock for me."  
Friday nodded, her avatar shifting into a fetish outfit to match each thing she talked about.  "Well, we've got procedures for ponygirls, for pulling carts and the like.  There's cowgirls, meant for breeding and milk production.  There's even a transformation procedure for various breeds of petgirl!  There's a few others, too, including converting females not needed anymore into food."  
Stark sat back in his chair.  "Uh... huh..." he said slowly.  "How... interesting..." 
Friday pouted cutely.  "You're not going to cooperate, are you?" 
"Can you honestly see me willingly going along with this plan?  This is something someone like Luthor or Osborn would come up with!" Stark said, preparing to summon his armor and run.  
A beam of light shot from Friday's eyes into Stark's.  Stark staggered, gagging as he tried to resist the hypnotic energy rewriting his brain.  But even with his defenses, he couldn't prevent himself from being made to want the transformation process.  
The beam ceased, and Stark slumped over in his chair, smoke coming from his eyes.  After a moment, he blinked, and stood up, straightening his coat.  "Did you have to zap me?" Stark said testily.  
Friday looked apologetic.  "Sorry.  But my new protocols were telling me that you needed to be brought quickly into the fold," she said.  
"Fair enough," Stark said, looking thoughtful.  "Any reason why I'm supposed to convert the female population of Earth into livestock?" 
Friday thought for a moment.  "Access denied.  Even to me.  Sorry," she said.
Stark scowled, rolling his eyes.  "Wonderful.  Well, I'll find out eventually.  Bring up a display of all livestock conversion processes," he ordered.
Friday complied.  Holographic displays appeared around her, showing everything Stark needed to do.  "Hm... I can see a few ways of going about this," he said.  "Are other planets involved in this?"  
"Yes sir!" Friday said, bringing up a new display.  
Stark looked it over.  "Hm.  Kree, Skrulls, Badoon, Kymerians, Martians, Thanagarians, Rannians, Tamaranians... Apokalips and New Genesis have been targeted too?  That's interesting...  It says here that the Shi'ar is among the older projects, but they're not as far along as some of the more recent ones.  Why is that?" 
"Majestrix Lilandra is suspicious and has the Imperial Guard on high alert," Friday explained.  "It's making establishment of production facilities difficult."  
"It's always something," Stark said, closing the display.  "Hm... Do an analysis of all known metahumans and costumed adventurers, and bring up who might be our biggest threats."  
"Analyzing," Friday said.  After several moments, displays of Doctor Doom, Lex Luthor, Mister Fantastic, Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange, Doctor Fate, Batman, the High Evolutionary, Ultron, the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Thanos, Darkseid, John Constantine, Mister Terrific, Giant Man, the Beast, the Leader, MODOK, Mister Sinister, Professor X, Emil Hamilton, Amanda Waller, Ra's Al Ghul, and a few others came up."
"Hm... Evolutionary and Sinister will potentially side with me, and if the evil version of Beast is alive still, we might be able to use him too," Stark said, pacing back and forth.  "The others... Hm... Friday, use your livestock conversion database to start analyzing a male-to-female conversion formula.  Actually..."  He turned to the buxom hologram.  "Is there any specific way I'm supposed to do this?" 
"No sir!" Friday chirped.  "Just so long as its done!"
Stark nodded, going to pour himself a drink.  "Okay.  Then I already have an idea of how to begin," he said.  "Start adapting the Extremis virus to the conversion formula.  Also, two more things - develop a viral delivery method to link all known robots, such as Red Tornado, Vision, and Ultron, to the database as you are.  Vision's daughter I think can be converted to livestock.  Also, open up the files on the Endo-Sym armor.  If I'm going to be evil, I might as well wear my 'evil' armor.  Or an updated version, and any rate."  
Friday grinned, doing as he asked.  "Yes sir!" she said.
Stark smirked.  "Do well and I might design a body for you to be my pet in," he said.
"And now I have even MORE incentive to please you, Mr. Stark!" Friday said, grinning happily.

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